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Alert: Picture-spamming ahead. :rofl:


*freak out freak out freak out* Breathe, girl, breathe… *continues to freak out*

It’s getting more and more ridiculous. First, we’re not allowed to bring water bottles on board. Then, all gels and liquids (including shampoo) have to be checked-in. Now, we have to limit our gels and liquids to 100ml bottles and all to fit in a 1 litre ziplock bag.

Our family holidays always last 2 weeks or more and I wash my hair everyday. So, I don’t think a 100ml bottle of shampoo is going to last. If you have hair which has a life of its own like mine, you’ll be freaking out as well…

Sunday, 8th April (day) – small joint birthday celebration with grandma.
Sunday, 8th April (night) – joint birthday celebration with Ah Min. People present: Me, Sis, Jiemin, Mea, Carol
Monday, 9th April (day) – meet-up with my bestie, Xianglin
Monday, 9th April (night) – birthday celebration with 7ners. People present: Me, Sis, Per, Jo, CJ, Soffie
Tuesday, 10th April – My birthday. CS-ing with Sis from 3.30-10pm.

My presents for this year…

  1. My new pal!!! Mr Mikan (Odoru! Hidamari no Tami) from my bestie
  2. Ang pows from Mum and Ah Ee
  3. J-rock looking bag from Carol
  4. Pink flats from Sis, Chloe and Wawa
  5. Headphones from 7ners
  6. Earrings from Jiemin and Mea

This is the 4th year I’m asking my bestie to get me a tami. She cannot understand my obsession with them. :rofl: They make me happy like they’re supposed to. It’s therapeutic to watch them sway their heads and look at that happy smile painted on their faces.

7ners always manage to surprise me. Last year, they got me the Fossil watch. This year, headphones. I know both gifts were listed in my wishlist but the former is not cheap and the latter is not easy to find. So I didn’t really think anyone would get those for me. They also got me the strawberry cake I “harassed” them for. And the best part…the words on the cake. Heehee…

The other cake for the joint celebration with Jiemin was also special. It was a My Melody cake (Mum’s idea) with the words: Happy Birthday Mrs Massu and Mrs Jae Jung. Have to get the photos from Jiemin though. We planned to have the celebration at Ken’s Ramen but it was closed. So, we went to Waraku instead.

My birthday itself was spent CS-ing with Sis. I found another Berryz Koubou song that I can sing (well, at least 80% of it) – ピリリと行こう! Since that day was spent singing mostly Japanese songs, we’re planning another day to go to KBox for the Chinese songs.

I feel so blessed… 🙂 A big hug to everyone.

Mr Durbin has replied my email. DePaul is not going to reconsider my application at the moment. So, I have officially accepted U of I’s offer. He did offer an alternative though. That I can always complete one year at U of I then transfer to DePaul with those results. Haha…provided they’re good enough…

At the moment, I don’t really want to think of doing that. But, who knows. Anyway, I guess I’ll see Man Ling again! 🙂

I bought a lolita dress from Far East yesterday. It cost me $125. The price is considered reasonable already. If you were to get one from Harajuku itself, a nice one would have cost around $250-$300.

I never ever thought of dressing gothic lolita/lolita before. I always thought I’ll make the ugliest lolita. But, WTH…if you aren’t going to do these things now, you’re bound to regret when you get old and aren’t suitable for such things anymore.

It was Chloe who discovered the 2 shops. Sis and Chloe also bought a dress each. I was deciding between this one and another. This one had a puffier skirt and the accessories that came with it were 2 bow hairclips. It’s also the same dress Chloe bought. The other had arm sleeves which was the thing that attracted me. But, Sis said the bust lines looked kinda weird on me and the red part of the fabric wasn’t as bright. Sis bought the same dress but instead of red for the inner fabric, hers is white.

We’re going to get the shoes in Harajuku. I almost bought a pair of Mary Janes the last time I was there. Kinda regret not getting it then so this time I’m coming back with the shoes. Sis and I might get a pair of rocking shoes as well?

Wawa, you’re our biggest role model. *kowtow* Hahaha…

Ling, I’m sure you’ll look good in lolita as well. You have the big dolly eyes and dollish features to carry it off. Like I said, better try these things now else later no use regretting when you can’t do these things anymore.

I just got the PVs for 関ジャニ∞’s “ズッコケ男道” and NewS’ “星をめざして”.

K8’s is hilarious! It had scenes with them having fake tears flowing out of their eyes. Kinda reminds me of the Stephen Chow movie years back where if you looked closely at the poster, the actors had tears flowing down their faces.

The hilarious parts…

They also had some actions that resembled 嵐’s “ナイスな心意気”. Pics on the left are 嵐’s, on the right are K8’s.

Oh…and Tacchon looked like a se bei bei in this PV. Maybe it’s the leopard-print coat and hat.

Next, NewS…and Massu! :heart:

I like the part where they had twins. One of them would be singing while the other just stands there listening. It’s like as if one is telling the other “you understand how I feel right?”

Ok, and P had to have his moment.

Lastly, テゴマス is having a new single soon! Massu~~~ :love:

4 thoughts on “birthday prez and other stuff

  1. glad you like the tami! its quite cute I gotta agree.. although I still dont understand the obsession 😛

    see you after moi exams yea.. gonna miss u when u leave for the states :/

    elisia says: Yea, we should meet more. I almost only see you once/twice a year. That’s bad…

  2. There are good reasons to justify the new rule on liquids and gels rules on flights.

    The recent British authorities busted a group attempting to blow up 10 air planes using liquid explosives. I don’t think we should be cautious till things start to get nearer to homes. Instead, we should be appreciative that the authorities here in Singapore are not complacent about your safety.

    Weighing your concerns versus your safety, I think the latter definitely carries more weight eh? You can always buy more shampoo but not your already-taken-by-terrorists life.

    Yea, I know the hassle of doing more things which could be solved, but it seems like the baddies are becoming more educated and extreme as the days pass by.

    elisia says: Those damned terrorists really changed the world. :angry:

  3. that regulation is for hand-carry luggage, you can still check enough shampoo to wash your hair for the rest of your life. 😛

    elisia says: Can you see me dancing around now? *happy mood*

  4. Maybe she wants to wash her hair on the plane mah, like the Herbal Essence advertisement.

    Actually, unless you are using Found-Only-On-Mars shampoo, I think most shampoo and body foam can be widely purchased at all local convenience stores eh? Every country should at least have 7-Eleven?

    Yea, then before you come back, make sure you use up everything. Helps you have a lighter luggage and saves you the hassle of unpacking everything again.

    elisia says: You are outdated lahz. The one on tv now is the biker guy. And anyway, the loo in the plane is too small. Skarli halfway got turbulance then have to cling on for dear life. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh~~~

    Well, I don’t use shampoo that’s found only on Mars but it’s not the common supermarket brand. It’s from my hairdresser. Most shampoo brands don’t really work for me. Tend to get dry, flaky scalp.

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