just 4 hours

“Car crashes, tv shows. A drunkard on the side of the road. People runnin’. Fantasy or reality. Analysis and theories. What does matter really? — Standfast ‘Car Crashes’ “

Just 4 hours and everything has changed.

The feeling is just surreal. It’s like a movie being played. Except that everything is just fast-forwarded to the sad ending. A scene keeps playing in my head: “I reach out to grasp something but I hold nothing in my hands. It’s like everything is just an illusion, nothing is real.”

It’s karma. For all the unkind thoughts/words/behaviour…I will be damned now.

One thought on “just 4 hours

  1. don’t keep blaming yourself…think of the good you have done for her. (eg sacrificing your comp time so that she can go to bed early)

    are you in SG? didn’t reply my sms.. so Im wonderin if u r over in m’sia.. sms me when you come back k?

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