getting emotional at the movies

Watched “Helen The Baby Fox” this afternoon with Sis. It’s a Japanese movie about a boy and his special bond with a blind and deaf baby fox. I’m not going to spill the contents of the movie. If you wanna know more, go watch it. It’s definitely worth it…especially if you’re an animal lover.

I expected myself to tear as usual but this time I actually cried. First time crying while watching a movie. I could feel tears coming to my eyes. Expected it to just stop at there. Next moment I knew, 3 pairs of steady teardrops rolling down my cheeks. All for one scene in the movie.

Rushed down to town to meet 7ners. Celebration for Per’s 21st. Just a small one – dinner at NYDC. After which, we chilled out awhile at the tables on the 9th floor of Cine. Heh…actually we went there coz I had to collect some stuff for Sis at Mise.

Nad was holding my bag of mags when she walked out of the mrt at her stop. Didn’t even realise until she turned back and called out for me. That’s not the only thing I forgot. Just now when I opened my bag to get my digicam out, I saw the tiara still sitting in my bag. SHUCKS! I forgot about it. And I was damn happy I remembered to bring it out unlike for Nad’s birthday celebration. Even when Sof asked where it was, I happily told her it was in my bag. *sigh* And I had to forget about it later…

The tiara’s supposed to be passed on to the next 7ner celebrating her 21st. So why is it still stuck with me?! I have bad memory…*wails*

2 thoughts on “getting emotional at the movies

  1. reading the part about the tiara is bringing me bouts of laughter again.

    elisia says: Wah…you don\’t have to emphasise \”again\” lorz. Bleargh. Anyway, I passed the tiara to her le. Hehe…

  2. hi my fren,
    u dont noe me… but im a human though… smiles!!! yeah, i agree wif you bout the show helen the baby fox. its so touching. the most shocking thing is tht tht is a based on a true life story movie. i cant beliv tht helen is so lovely, yet she could jst u noe… i have a song tht suits her a lot. check it out, the title is ‘save me’ frm corrine may. nice to descibe helen. btw, tears din fall down my cheeks, it jst POURED down. wad a lovely fox. wad a lovely story, wad a lovely boy…

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