killing the spam

Another bout of spam comments. Don’t know whether to say it’s gone worse or it’s just as bad as the last time. Although there are considerably less spam comments than the last round, this time some have actually passed off as approved comments instead of getting filtered out for moderation. So I thought heck, it’s time to get a spam filter.

Yep, got it installed so now you’ll have to fill out this extra field when you wanna post a comment. Nothing too difficult. 🙂

We met Huishan (台湾妹) to chill out at TCC in Citylink. Then later met Jiemin for dinner and a movie, The Lake House. The movie’s supposed to be a remake of the Korean film, Il Mare. I think it was a good movie especially the last part which got everyone excited and going “oh~~~”. Alright, no spoilers. Go catch the movie.

Ending this entry off with a photo I took of the sky yesterday evening. The sun was setting and casting this pink glow in the clouds. The sky was a nice shade of light blue which complimented the pink.


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