getting ready to go go go

It’s a mad rush around the house everytime we’re going off on a holiday. Grabbing this and that, stuffing them into the bags. Lots of frowning, getting frustrated that nothing must be left out. And here I am trying my best to keep calm and not get influenced by the other members of the family.

I guess getting annoyed and frustrated will not help the situation. You’re only bound to forget more things. Our family also always end up looking like we’re going on a 5 month vacation when we’re only going to be away for 3 weeks. Ok, I’m exaggerating a little but the number and size of our bags always don’t quite match up with the number of days our trip is. Ah, but that’s just my family.

With my clothing and toiletries taken care of by Mum, meaning that all those stuff goes into the huge suitcases, my own bag usually contains my other personal necessities and entertainment. Which I’m also careful not to pack in too much coz I need the space when I’m coming home. Need to pack in all the things bought there! :laugh:

So there. I’ll be away for some time which also means that there’s going to be no update till I come home. Duh. Well, I’m going to miss the finals of SuperBand AND National Day. Speaking of which, I haven’t visited the website for NDP 2006.

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