hello from Japan

Am now in the land of vending machines and oolong cha. HAHAHA…it is Japan lahz. Using the computer at the place I am staying. And damn I hate the keyboard.

So far so good…saw some nice shoes at Harajuku. Not sure if I want to get them but they are relatively cheap. 3900 yen. Saw a lot of cosplayers too. Oh and shops selling lolita dresses…so cool…

Alrighty, shall not park my butt at the computer here too long. Even though the internet is free but not too nice to use so long right?

3 thoughts on “hello from Japan

  1. Ooh I miss the Kagome Milk Chocolate! 100 yen only kekeke!
    hmmm and our Ebisucho takoyaki!!! *slurp*

    elisia says: Haha…we had takoyaki in Uncle Inada’s house. Aunty Mari gave us the takoyaki machine too. So now we can have takoyaki party anytime! HAHAHA…sound so obachan. Yep…learnt to eat tako. But only takoyaki is fine ar…that does not include sashimi or sushi. Went to Ebisucho. Took my parents to the place we ate the fugu.

  2. hope you’re having fun in japan! i find there’s a lot of good looking celebrities in japan (maybe cause of the plastic surgeries..) but three cheers for shopping!

    elisia says: Whoa…talk about shopping. My trolley bag ended up 18.5kg with all the magazines and cds I bought.

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