dear my friends

“You make me happy when skies are grey. Darling, my darling, thank you father, mother, and my friends.” – Dragon Ash featuring ACO & Zeebra “Grateful Days”

Happy 2008!

Every year, I give thanks to the people around me, so here goes…

No amount of thanks can ever be enough for all the love and support you have given me.

Dad, they say that a daughter in a dad’s eyes will always be daddy’s little girl. Well, I’ve grown up now and am learning to be independent. Thank you for all the times that you’ve believed in me and allowed me to experience new things on my own.

ママは最高! It’s amazing how you always have solutions for running the household. I know it’s tough back home, caring for the old folks. Wish I could be there to help you out. 🙁 You always save me from all sorts of situations – laundry disasters, cooking disasters etc. Thank you for tolerating this わがまま娘 all these years.

WOMANNNNNN~~~ I’ve already wrote a nice paragraph for you in my earlier entry so I don’t wanna repeat it here. Just remember I always look up to you coz you taught me how to be comfortable with being myself.

Bestie Xianglin
Bestie, I :heart: you! We go a long long way~~~ Thanks for understanding me and listening to my problems. Well, what do I say? Good luck in…*winks*

You girls know how I feel about you. Although we are different in personality, we’ve managed to stick together for a good number of years. I’m really thankful for that! Remember, if any of you have a problem, you can always talk to the rest of us about it. If any of you have some psycho harassing you, just call us 姐妹s, we’ll make sure the psycho doesn’t see the light of day anymore. Oh, and I’m happy to be the boss of 7ners~~~ :heart:

The poly gang
Well, I guess there’s not much to say except that see you guys when I get back in the summer. I need an update of what’s going on with you all. Thanks for being a part of my life. Congrats to Yingwei and Clare on their second bundle of joy. I’m sure Paige is very excited to have a sibling.

The uni gang
I’m still learning a lot about you guys. It’s been fun going on trips around USA with you guys. Sorry Koon Seng, for eating up a part of your medication supply. Kang Jie, can you stop being so 色 for once? A bit of a turn-off lehz… Anyway, thanks for tolerating all my わがまま-ness. Oh yes, and keeping me in laughter all the time with your stories and jokes. Lastly, I’m NOT an ah lian. *bleargh*

To end off this entry: I miss you all~~~ :heart:
(Specially for Per: I miss you so much TO YOU!) :laugh:

4 thoughts on “dear my friends

  1. Hey Happy New Year to u! Really miss hvg u ard during our birthdays (cos we don’t ever meet up otherwise) and also, gossip just isn’t v fun when there’s too little peeps :S

    Anyhoo! Take care of urself, see u in e summer!

    boss says: Pwen~~~ I miss you! Ya, I need some gossip to entertain me. XD You take care too!

  2. AWWWWWW So sweet!!! <3<3<3

    I miss you so much TO YOU! TOOOO!! HEEHEEHEE!
    Argh, I miss our talks and laughter…

    boss says: You copying what I said to…is it? Hurhur…

    Yea, I miss all our talks~~~

  3. oh my, i must be really slow..
    just saw this..haha..
    love ya too!
    may yr2008 brings us what we want yea? *winks*
    take care!

    bestie says: Yepz, may it happen~~~

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