flying pillow

Coz this is worth laughing over…

Last night, I had a JE dream. I highly suspect it was coz I was watching the Music Station Superlive clips earlier. Anyway, I can’t remember who were the ones performing, but Per and I were watching the clips. It went something like that.

*in the dream* 
Me: Spot some juniors.
Per: Yonemura.
Me: Yonemura? I thought his name is Yodo-something?
Per: No, it’s Yonemura lahz. Yodogawa is the drummer.
Me: Oh…
Per: NINOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO~~~ *jumps excitedly*

*in real-life*
Me: *flings/drops something on the ground* (which is actually right on Koon Seng, since he is sleeping on the floor between the 2 beds)

The something is the pillow I was hugging. Luckily Koon Seng was lying on his stomach or else the pillow would have landed right on his face. And he was still asleep after the pillow dropped on him and I picked it up. *lol*

2 thoughts on “flying pillow

  1. i dun see the link btw e dream n dropping e pillow leh..

    i was lying on my side leh.. nt stomach.. n i did wake up.. =P

    elisia says: I don’t know…maybe was jumping around in the dream so let go of whatever’s in my hands. Oh ok…oopz…sorry.

  2. Haha I already discussed this with you over MSN but..
    Not bad that I saw Yonemura in ur dream hahahah.. The other day I dreamt of Gackt again.. Everytime I dream of Gackt, it’s so real that I’m beginning to believe we’re really friends. Ai yo. I’m not even his fan.
    Can’t believe you got so excited you dropped your pillow. But that means waking up from your dream…

    boss says: Why Gackt? Maybe you two were friends in your past lives. Haha… Ya, I think I actually sort of flinged the pillow. Whoops…

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