farewell prez from 7ners

I have been spending too much time playing some games which got boring after a few days. They got boring coz I couldn’t get the desired result fast enough and I ended up looking for cheats online. They also got boring partly coz they were trials which shut off after 1 hour and they gave me only 5 minutes extended play each time I double-clicked the icon. So imagine the number of times I got interrupted while playing. Anyway, I decided to delete them all. Don’t wanna clutter Maru-chan.

I missed out on blogging due to the extensive game playing. I want to blog about the farewell presents I received from 7ners.

I got a huge card from them last Wednesday. After a long time, that 7ners meeting had everyone present. That meeting was meant to welcome home Pwen and PK, celebrate Per’s birthday and farewell party for me. As I was reading the messages in the card, I really wanted to cry. Your words and feelings mean a lot to me…

This Wednesday, I met up with Pwen, Per and CJ. They presented me with a photo collage and a present. Surprise, surprise. They gave me a cap and gloves.

The gloves look normal when you look at them like that but they are cuter when worn coz your thumbs would be pink and the rest of your fingers yellow.

I was kinda shocked they got me gloves coz I already bought a pair. Plus I have an old pair from ice-skating years ago. Anyway, thanks for the presents. I still love the gloves! :heart: The gloves I bought are pink.

I have a lot more I want to say but I’ll leave it for the next entry. It’s way past bedtime…

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