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I met bestie on Saturday. We wanted to take neoprints so I could bring them with me to the States. Obviously we’re stuck in the past. We were still thinking that neoprints cost around $7-$8. Ya, right. It’s $10-$11 now. WTH! $10 can almost buy me a good meal. So, we decided to save the money and take our own “neoprints”. We sat in one of the neoprint booths and whipped out my digicam.

Had my little farewell party yesterday. Went CS-ing with Sis, Per, Mea, Jiemin and Carol. Olivia’s songs are nice but I guess they just don’t suit me. I sound very very weird singing them. Only “A Little Pain” sounds ok. Unfortunately, they didn’t have “Shadow of Love”.

Grace joined us for dinner later at Spageddies. And they all presented me with a handmade board with their little messages.

Massu~~~ :love: Thanks, girls!

Today, Chloe gave me a farewell gift. I couldn’t go down to town so Sis received it on my behalf. Chloe gave me a very pretty dress. Thanks, Mrs Nakamaru! :heart:

I think I should let everyone know this. Yes, I love the gifts. They have been done/picked out with love. However, for those who didn’t give me anything and feel bad about it, don’t be. Meeting you guys was good enough. It isn’t about gifts but more of how we feel about each other. I know I have a lot to say to you all but sometimes the words just escape from my mind. What matters is that when I see you all and we talk to each other, I can feel you care.

One thought on “more farewell prez

  1. I want the pics! haha.. can you zip it and send to my email, together with your dorm add?

    sorry I cant see you off tmr :(((( haiz come back soon!

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