worrying issues before leaving

Just reformatted my computer. Doing the tedious task of updating the computer and re-installing all the necessary programs now.

The best part is…I forgot to backup the folder with my NANA anime, some old episodes of Shonen Club and Kindaichi (the one with Kame). I’m only irritated about the NANA anime. Although they are the last 14+ episodes which won’t take long to download again, I thought I was done with downloading anime. Recently, bestie’s friend got a warning letter. The first time I know of someone closer getting into trouble. Bestie’s friend downloads loads of anime, which is probably how she got into trouble. So scary… In bestie’s words “what if I come home to find that letter sitting in my mailbox?”

Although I have abandoned the idea of packing my room, I still can’t help worrying that my family will have a hard time packing my stuff later. So, I keep toying with the idea that I should still continue the packing even though I know I really don’t have the time.

I’m worried that I’m packing too many clothes. Half of my tees are in the luggage. Most of which will only be worn in late spring/summer/early autumn. But coz most of the time I wear tees, I just can’t bear to lessen the pile. Moreover, some tees need to be packed in coz they go with certain skirts. Without them, I wouldn’t have something to match when I wear that particular skirt.

And I still can’t get over the fact that I’m leaving in a day’s time and will be back only next year. It’s like stepping out of your comfort zone…

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