desperate times call for desperate measures

Desperate times call for desperate measures. I am blogging from the basement of my aunt’s house. Hahaha…no bogeyman in sight, only junk and invisible cobwebs. It is also much cooler underground than on ground level as it is still summer. My cousin, Ethan lost the paper with the network key written on it so I can’t connect wirelessly until my uncle comes home on Sunday. My uncle is in charge of all the IT stuff around the house. Their modem/router is in the basement so I’m connecting via the good ol’ wires.

I’ve pretty much settled in. Already familiar with my aunt’s place as I’ve been here last year. 四姑 and Uncle Weng will be back from Hong Kong on Sunday. Amee, as usual is everywhere – heard from Ethan that she is now in Philippines. But anyway, she lives in Boston. Ethan is almost done with school, I think.

I think the only reason I’m so-called feeling settled in is coz my family is still around. Once they leave for home on the 20th, ohohoho…I think I’m going to start missing them. Especially Mum, since I rely on her for almost anything around the house. 🙁

Let me give you the first photo taken in the States.

Hahaha…instant mee from the States. Check out the brand…the name of my laptop. :love:

PS: Per, Nad and James…sorry I can’t post the photos taken at the airport. My mum didn’t bring the cable to transfer photos from her digicam to the computer. :sweat:

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