an apple a day

So far, we were more than delighted to find an oriental supermarket next to the regular supermarket. It’s more of a Korean supermarket but you can still find most Asian stuff there. Oolong cha!!! 大好き!!! :heart:

There is a restaurant next to the supermarket – also run by the same Korean family. At last! Food that actually tastes like authentic Japanese and Korean food. Even so-called Chinese food here doesn’t even taste anything like food back home. Except for the little restaurant opened by a Malaysian guy.

Ethan took us to Hometown Buffet for dinner yesterday. I’ve been there last year. The buffet spread is nothing like back home. I’m not complaining about the spread but how the most of the food here tastes a tad too salty. And the desserts are too sweet and rich. Sis was whispering to me to take a look at the people around. Most tables had either one or all customers being big and overweight. With all that rich food, it’s not surprising…more of scary!

Anyway, I think at the end of the day, it’s not like Hometown Buffet is THAT bad. Just that one has to watch what he/she eats. Just pick out the milder food.

 Just now, we went to Curtis Orchard to pick apples. Perhaps it’s just not the season yet. Although there were 2 rows of apple trees for people to pick the fruit, most of the apples were still half ripe. Very different when I was there last September. Anyway, it’s just for my family to experience apple picking. Imagine the thrill of eating the apples that you plucked off the tree.

To end off, photos! 🙂

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