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Hey! I thought I lost the entry on going to the orchard. It was just saved and not posted afterall so I just edited the timestamp and posted it. Lucky! 🙂

Haven’t been updating coz Mum took some photos with her digicam and I wanted to post them up. Thing is, she forgot to bring the cable. Anyway, towards the end of their trip, I bought a card reader out of desperation. I’ll post the photos taken during the time they were around later.

I officially moved into the dorm on the 18th. I am very very lucky to get a room at Busey-Evans. Even more lucky to get a single room. It is stated on the website that Busey-Evans has many returning residents thus space for freshmen are limited. Most of the rooms are single rooms except for the corners which are doubles. Normally, hardly any freshie gets a single room. No wonder I kept checking the housing website only to find that I didn’t have any room mate.

Single room means more privacy and I get to decorate the room however I like. I didn’t get a fridge or microwave since I don’t really need them. Anyway, Ethan had a mini fridge when he was staying in the dorm which is now sitting in the basement of their house. Aunty said I can take it if I need it. As for the microwave, there’s a common one in the pantry so I’m fine with that.

I haven’t put up any posters coz I didn’t bring any Japanese related ones from home. I think I’ll do that next year. Have kept my belongings to a minimum so I have enough floor space. I thought I brought too many clothes from home. Seems like I’m fine afterall. I still have about one and a half empty drawers. 🙂

The room is bright enough at night since the building opposite has like 5 powerful street lamps. Usually, I sleep with a night light. I have very poor vision in the dark which is why I’m afraid of the dark. My eyes take a long time to adjust. But here, it just takes a short while and I’m fine. 🙂

A glimpse of my room…

I’m giving my room a pink theme…think pink…hehehe…

Sharing a common bathroom can be quite a hassle but I’m not complaining since Evans Hall is an all girls dorm. If any guy walks into the bathroom, he’ll be the one scared and not any of us. At our floor meeting yesterday, we all agreed to keep our bathroom out of bounds to any male. So, should any boyfriend come visiting girlfriend, he’ll just have to use the bathroom on the first floor.

So why is it a hassle? There are 2 shower stalls side by side. Although there’s a huge curtain to cover both shower stalls, you don’t have much privacy to change. That’s why we figured out I would need a bathrobe. I just go back to my room to change. Another plus point on the single room. Can freely change in the room without someone peeping.

I’m trying to get used to where each room is in the basement. It’s a maze downstairs. I could hardly find the dining hall. Finally found it behind a normal looking door. If I hadn’t heard the sound of clinking dishes, I wouldn’t even know it’s there. It’s significantly smaller to the one at Allen Hall. Food is ok, buffet style.

Yesterday was Quad Day. It’s like an open house for all the student organisations. Nothing quite like in Singapore. Imagine about 600 booths covering the quad lawn which is slightly bigger than our National Stadium.

So cool right? Talking about size, the auditorium I was in on Convocation Day…once you’ve seen it, our Indoor Stadium is nothing. Convocation Day was on Monday. It’s like a welcome day where the Dean and professors make speeches and stuff. Quite a sight coz all the professors present wore the gown (the one worn on graduation day). I didn’t take any photos though. Got a photo of the free tee though. Something like a school tee. It has “Hail the Orange” (school song) printed at the back. Orange and dark blue are the school colours.

Back to Quad Day. It was held from 10am-3pm but I didn’t spend the whole time there. There are only 2 Japanese related organisations. A culture related one and an anime one. Signed up to be on the mailing list of both. Haha, I think everyone would have guessed that. Someone should start a cosplay and lolita dressing one. Don’t look at me, I’m not like a pro at lolita dressing so I can’t go start one. Man Ling started a floorball organisation. And of course, I signed up for the Singapore Students Association. Not like I don’t know they exist already. That’s precisely why I know Man Ling since last year.

The rest of the day, I escaped to the mall. Hahaha…my first buy of clothing. Bought an overall dress, a pair of jeans and a shirt at Kohl’s. Had a hard time locating the bus stop to go back though. Luckily I met a UIUC chinese grad student also having a hard time locating the bus stop so together we ran around looking for it.

I think this town really needs to do something about their bus stops. It’s just a stupid small sign. Not even prominant. Probably can’t even see from 100m away. Worse thing is that some roads are one way and go around in a maze so you can’t really make out which is going the other way so as to locate the bus stop. Only a few bus stops at certain locations have a proper bench or shelter. And I think people can just stop anywhere along the route. All they have to do is alert the bus driver. So confusing right? No wonder the primary transportation here is your own car.

First day of classes today. They are ok. Different from Secondary school or Poly. No transperencies to copy from. One has to pick out the main points from what the professor says and make your own notes. I think Astronomy 100 is going to be a fun class. Haha, making up for what I didn’t get in Poly. Beginning of Poly, they made us fill out a survey for CDS. It had Astronomy. I chose it but in the end it wasn’t in the list of classes. Grrr… But then again, Singapore is different. There are planetariums here and we get to go to one as part of our course. At last, I get to fiddle around with a real telescope! :yay:

I didn’t manage to get Japanese class. 🙁 By the time I registered for classes, Japanese class was all full. See, I couldn’t register before Summer Registration/Orientation Day. I vow to chiong for subject selection next semester! Embrace the Singapore kiasu spirit!

I’m taking Econs 102, Astronomy 100, Psychology 100 and Rhetoric 105 this semester. 14 credit hours in total. Maximum one can take each semester is 18 credit hours. Normally, most Singaporeans try to take the maximum since they are on scholarship and want to finish within 3 years. I’ve decided to stay for 4 years and go slower since I have a weaker foundation. Moreover, most Singaporeans come from JCs so they can transfer credit. Sadly, Poly diplomas are not recognised here. I heard from Man Ling that another Singaporean Poly grad tried to transfer credits but couldn’t.

14 credit hours is the average. I keep looking at my timetable and it looks kinda bare. But my aunt said I’m fine. I think I’ll try this for this semester then maybe cover more credit hours next semester if I’m ok. To graduate, I need to cover a minimum of 120 credit hours.

Alrighty, I’m done with this entry. Need to go take a bath coz it’s almost 9pm.

2 thoughts on “Evans 420

  1. Haha finally an update! Your room looks nice and clean. And its pretty spacious but abit bare. Put some posters up soon!

    elisia says: I would have done that but my Japanese posters are at home… 🙁 Maybe I will bring some over next year. For now, I think I’ll just stick my farewell gifts – huge card, board and photosheet so that the wall won’t look so bare.

  2. wow.. a single room! I would fancy having one when I ever get to go to uni overseas…or local. Many of my buds complained about having to share rooms… like you said, there’s no privacy.

    Your room looked neat XD But your cupboard *points to that one behind your bed* looked cluttered. haha.

    It’s surprising to hear that they have Japanese-related clubs around the campus. But is it really necessary to sign up for one? XD I’m just curious.

    Aww.. can’t transfer credits? That sure sux. I thought we poly students could. Or maybe only certain universities can? It’s great to be able to pick up a subject that you like ^_^ Psychology sounds fun. I had Astronomy as a semester-long module, and boy, was it boring. cos it’s mostly theory work. We didn’t get to experience with the telescope. What a waste. haha.

    elisia says: Well, if you have a room mate then you’ll just have to hope that she’s not irritating, keeps the place clean and doesn’t come back drunk. Or else you could just hope she hardly comes back to the dorm except to sleep.

    Yea, the bookshelf is sort of cluttered coz the books can’t stand. The space is not enough for the books to be put upright.

    No, it’s not mandatory to join a club/organisation. It’s not like in Singapore where they force you to join a CCA. Just that if you’re active in one, then it’ll be added to your portfolio which sort of makes you look good. Makes you look like you can manage your time well with studies and activities and basically says you’re an all-rounder. Oh, but they make a big deal if you’re part of a football/soccer/basketball team. Mainly coz you’ll be participating in quite a few state tournaments, sort of like State’s pride. Can get you scholarships and all…

    Unfortunately, schools here don’t recognise our diplomas. I suggest if you’re thinking of coming here in the future, go to university fairs held in Singapore. Talk to the school administrator. Or else email your questions (though you might not receive a prompt reply). Astronomy is a bit dry with lots of terms and all but we get to do some cool assignments later like going to the observatory in the day and night to study the sun and moon and to the planetarium.

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