be careful not to get heatstroke

2 days of classes and to tell the truth, I’m actually quite tired. I am a morning person which means I prefer morning classes but I don’t really like 8am classes. Especially when it’s 2 days in a row! ๐Ÿ™

Driving isย a so-called must in the States but that doesn’t mean it’s a good thing on campus. Mainly coz parking space is limited on campus. I prefer to just walk. Well, I could consider getting a bicycle but not for now. For me, walking was an easy task back in Poly. Everything within stone’s throw. I like~~~ :heart: Here, I need to factor in a good solid 15 minutes of walking plus getting to my class 10 minutes before it starts so I get a good seat in the auditorium. Remember, I’m tiny. So if someone REALLY tall sits in front of me, I’m dead.

It’s definitely worse when the sun is just shining mercilessly on all of us. I keep drinking water but my mouth ends up feeling dry in a few minutes. I take back whatever I commented on having a room in an air-conditioned dorm. Smug me thought that it’ll be the worst in summer and I am not going to be around in the summer. So yea, I’m pretty much covered. Hello, wake up. This IS still summer. Anyway, I don’t exercise or do any sports so you could pretty much say this is exercise for me.ย  Hey, even going to the shops at Campus Town is exercise. It’s a good 15 minutes away. I’ve got something I need to return at the t-shirt shop but I’m just too lazy to go now. Maybe a little later…

Out of all my classes. I think the more fun ones would be Psychology and Astronomy. Economics is fine…Sis said it’s easy and Man Ling gave me a few tips. Rhetoric is more of a drag. The TA (Teaching Assistant: usually a graduate student) is fun. He made us interview our neighbour and then introduce him/her. Discovered some pretty cool things about my classmates. 2 of them have a twin sibling. One ang moh girl can speak Mandarin. (Darn, I should have gone up to her and asked her something in Mandarin. Maybe next class…) One guy wants to take up Mandarin. I’m absolutely fascinated when an ang moh wants to learn more about our culture. 3 of them are Koreans. I introduced Patrick who is a Business major. He too would like to take Japanese if he hadn’t had to take Rhetoric!

So why is Rhetoric a drag? Coz basically, it’s a mandatory writing class all freshmen have to take. Well, that also depends on your English/Writing score in SAT. Anyway, most freshmen end up taking the class. I don’t write well especially in time constraints. Even writing a blog entry can sometimes take up to half an hour. We had to write a half page on analysing a quote within 15 minutes today. Now, if the topic is something I’m familiar and passionate about, I could ramble on and on. Let’s just say it wasn’t. I know I could have analysed it better if I had been given more time but I was just panicking when my neighbours were furiously writing and I was still stuck at one small paragraph and trying to compose my thoughts. Ok, I should give myself some”false sense of security”…my handwriting is much smaller than my neighbours’ so I can squeeze more words in a line.

My brain really ended up fried after that class. Luckily I had a long break before the next class and I could go back to the dorm to recharge.

My floor is having an activity tonight. Tie-dye. Simple activity but gives us a chance to socialise. I’m not really sociable and I’m already learning to be comfortable eating at the dining hall alone. Something rather interesting too. The frequency of the Americans and Singaporeans are very different. I remember having no trouble talking to a fellow Singaporean, Huiwei at dinner. First time meeting her too. But when I’m talking to Americans, there are more awkward silences. Even from the replies, you know that the frequency is different. Ok, I’ll try harder…

I think I will get a printer soon. There are printers in the library and hall but I just prefer convenience and knowing I can do anything to the printer coz it’s MINE. I’m factoring in what I will do with it after 4 years too. Even getting a phone line. A lot of people are asking me to team up with others for a family plan. It’s technically cheaper but I don’t like having to share bills with friends coz there’s a responsibility to make sure you don’t go overboard with your calls so someone else can get equal talktime too. I will check things out with my aunt first and then make my decision. Sorry, I just like to be in control of my things. I’m not being selfish, I will share my things with others but I like to make the decisions. Whatever…I don’t think I need to explain myself and prove anything.

Some readings to do already…I will try to post up more photos in the weekend. ๐Ÿ™‚

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