take care of your health

Your health is very important. Without it, you are unable to enjoy life to its fullest. Do not take your good health now for granted. You never know when you’ll lose it.

While you’re still healthy, make sure to purchase health insurance for yourself and your loved ones. I am not an insurance agent by profession and I do not intend to bore anyone with sales talk. I speak from experience. Recently, a loved one of mine was struck with an illness that saw him being admitted to ICU for almost a week. He is still on the road to recovery, so it is unlikely that he will be discharged from hospital soon. Two weeks of hospitalisation and the bill is already in the five-figure range. Even if you choose the lowest class of ward, every little bit adds up.

Act now. Don’t wait until it’s too late. My relative was still happily enjoying his overseas holiday a week or two before he was down with this illness. No one expected him to deteriorate that quickly. And by quick, I mean in a span of one or two days. He was admitted to hospital for high fever. Two days later, he was hooked up to machines because he had gotten pneumonia and had difficulty breathing. Yet another two days later, he had to be sedated and transferred to ICU. That’s how fast it can be.

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