a child’s innocence

[edited at 2.13am]
Just heard 2 stray cats downstairs fighting. That’s what the stray cats downstairs my block do. Either they fight or they get horny. Serious.

Finally. Took me about 15 minutes to get my computer running ok. Have been restarting it like 6-8 times coz everything loads ok then suddenly the status bar and the icons on my desktop disappear. Crapz. Computer’s getting cranky. I have a good mind to reformat it after this semester ends.

My group finally completed the ER Diagram. Kinda lagging already. That’s why Dennis called for another meeting this Sunday. Heck. I’m like lagging for every project. Slacking too much.

The weather’s been kinda crazy these days. Sunny…sunny…sunny all day then suddenly heavy rain.

Stopped by Tampines library to return some books. Then went grocery shopping. After doing the shopping, while waiting for the lift, this cute little boy was playing with his mother’s sunglasses. He was putting it on then taking it off. Amazed at how he could see although the sunglasses are dark.

He caught me looking at him. And he came up to me offering me his mother’s sunglasses so that I could share his amazement at seeing the world through those dark lenses.

That’s the wonder about a child’s innocence. The world is that simple. Everyone is good. Everything is good. No problems with sharing anything with anyone. *smilez*

Cooked myself a bowl of instant mee with the works. Fishballs, green peas, crabstick, tau pok…in they went. Hmmm…should have cracked an egg too.

Spent a little time yesterday before I went to sleep, working on my new blog layout. If only I have the same drive in doing my projects. Boooooo…

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