what can go wrong, will go wrong

I’m stuck. Help! I don’t know how to begin. I have to model snails and trees. I know I have to use the bevel tool. But the problem is how to start?! I seriously wanna bang my head against the wall. Should have thought of something simpler to model.

This is the problem about relying too much on the lab sheets. Fail le…fail le…*shakes head*

Argh. Hate the school for shortening the semester. Hate myself for slacking so much. All the projects due around the same time.

Thought we completed the ER Diagram for ORDS so more or less done. Who knows…Dennis said we gotta meet tomorrow to re-discuss coz there’s something wrong with our diagram. Dave tried to create the tables and somehow couldn’t drop them coz of the complicated primary keys, foreign keys and what-have-yous.

What can go wrong, WILL go wrong. This is very true.

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