no more running

[edited at 2.14pm]
Another photo competition. It’s by Singnet. Prizes aren’t that great but no harm trying for the love of photography for some of you. Details here.

Hehe…I seem to be promoting photo competitions. Must share the good stuff with you guys what…

I was thinking of getting an mc for today. IN3D progress presentation and I haven’t done much.

But now, I think I’ve changed my mind. No more running away from it. Even if I get an mc, I’m sure I will slack off the whole day. And I really need help with my modelling. I have no freakin idea how to start modelling the snails and the trees. Lots of questions…

Life is full of choices. Each choice we make, we have to face the consequences whether good or bad. I chose to slack therefore now I’m left with the choice to continue slacking or do something fast. The consequence of the former would be to fail and have to retake the subject. The consequence of the latter would be to finish the projects on time and at least pass everything. Elisia…you better choose wisely. Only you know the consequences of your actions.

We made changes to our ER Diagram. Still think there are a few small mistakes but they don’t seem to get what I’m trying to say. Oh well…no time. Just hope the tables can be created and populated with information. And our procedures can be created smoothly.

Hmmm…maybe I’m the one who’s blurz. I can’t really visualise everything. I need to see things in pictures before I understand it fully.

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