japan trip part one

The past updates you have been waiting for…

Wednesday 28 April 11.48am (Singapore time)/12.48pm (Japan time)

Haha. I haven’t been a faithful blogger. I’m just too lazy to write. Typing is so much faster.

A recap of what’s been going on so far.

25 April. In the wee hours of the morning, watching “Mona Lisa Smile” on the plane. Enjoyed the show. There’s some other great shows but I don’t get to watch all. There’s “Kill Bill” on another channel. Gross. Even the cartoon parts are so gross. But kinda stupid coz blood gushes out like a fountain which is kinda fake.

Can’t sleep. Can’t sleep upright. Feeling so tired but just can’t get a good sleep. After breakfast, I finally get a few minutes of sleep.

Arrive in Osaka. I’m feeling zombified. It feels like those nights where I never sleep ciz I’m chiong-ing some project. Haha…the Kinki Kids advertisement is still there. Different one though. Shinichi receives us. We take a bus to the central part of Osaka.

This time, we aren’t staying in a hotel. Staying in uncle Inada’s house coz their family has moved to stay with Shin and Ken’s grandparents. It’s a small apartment. Sis and I take the couches. Mum and Dad take the floor. Traditional tatami flooring.

Had chicken katsu curry rice for dinner. There’s a mall near the house. People here, travel around on bicycles and trains/subways. Taxi rides are expensive. The starting fare is 660 yen which is around S$10.60. Yes, jaws are dropping.

26 April. Travel to the central. Umeda. Where the major shopping malls are. Hankyu shopping mall. We decide to grab a bite. The whole basement is swarming with people. It’s really noisy. But there’s all sorts of food all round. It’s like Tangs basement or Taka’s basement food area. Except it’s much more. The omu rice stall is gone. But I found another stall that sells omelettes and sells omu rice too.

Went up to the rooftop to eat. The rooftop is like a children’s playground. Lots of amusement rides. Benches at the side. The weather is ok, warm when the sun is shining but a little cold still. Should have brought more tees. It’s still spring that’s why. Late spring. Cherry blossom viewing over.

Singapore has a lot to learn. The department store, on each level there’s a small information counter. The lady manning the counter is so well-dressed. And she stands. She has good attitude, polite and willing to go all out to help each customer. What about Singapore, the lady at the counter sits, doesn’t even stand when there’s a customer. Sometimes even has a bochup attitude. I’m disgusted. However, these counter girls double up as “dian ti xiao jie” too. Meaning they man the lifts too. They announce whether the lift is going up or down and what each floor sells. She presses the lift buttons for you.

Finally! I’m so happy! Got my yukata at last! Was looking for a yellow or pink one but most of them weren’t bright enough. Mum picked out a reddish pink one. Settled for that. The salesgirl taught us how to wear it. Sis picked out a black one. It’s very expensive though. Cost about S$400 for a whole set coz they sell each part seperately. Main yukata, obi and the strings to tie. But it’s a one time investment. Anyway, not I can wear that to Natsu Matsuri. If it weren’t that expensive, I would have considered getting one for Per’s birthday. So we can both wear our yukatas when we attend the Natsu Matsuri.

Went back by subway. Their lines…so many. It’s a little confusing at first but once you get the hang of it, it’s not too bad.

27 April. Explored further. Shinsaibashi. It’s like Orchard Road. All the teenagers hang out here. Went to Daimaru. Mum was looking for some stuff, helping a colleague buy it. Went to Takashimaya too. Wanted to go to Sogo but it’s gone. Under renovation.

Met up with Dad then walked the streets of Shinsaibashi. So colourful at night. All the billboards. Ended up at a restaurant that specially sells crabs. Crab dinner.

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