japan trip part two

Friday 30 April 10.35am (S)/11.35am (J)

28 April. Mum and Dad went shopping. Had Mac for lunch. Something different, not found in Singapore. Teritama burger. Teriyaki burger with an egg. Waited for Sis to wake up, wash up then we went out.

Back to Shinsaibashi. Wanted to go to the Johnny’s shop.

The building’s gone! The shop may be relocated or doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, the meikan I have is dated 2001 so I guess it’s very outdated already.

Went walking round. HMV. Wanted to go to the shopping mall that Shinichi took us 2 years ago. The Loft. But couldn’t find it. Didn’t want to wander around for fear of getting lost.

29 April. Went to the Osaka Kaiyukan Aquarium. Again. But this time, the whole family’s here. Went on the giant ferris wheel. Better this time. The last time, the weather was bad so we couldn’t see the whole of Osaka. This time managed to see everything…nightscape.

30 April. The family’s planning to travel to Kobe.

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