japan trip part three

Sunday 2 May 8.30am (S)/9.30am (J)

30 April. Kobe wasn’t too bad. Except we went there a little late. Managed to only go to a coffee musuem. Mum wanted to go to the Pearl musuem but by the time we completed the tour of the coffee musuem, it was too late.

Went to the Kobe Port Tower. A lookout point. Nightscape of Kobe.

1 May. I’m starting to appreciate the Japanese language CDS I took. All menus in restaurants are in Japanese. The only thing is I can read only hiragana so I still rely on Sis alot since she learnt katakana and a little kanji. The people don’t speak much of English. So it’s really tough when asking for something or directions. But the people are much more helpful. They really take you to the place if they can’t give directions in English unless the place you wanna go is really far. They’re all out to help.

Went to Kinokuniya. Bought a magazine and the Arashi Pika**nchi book. It’s much cheaper to get stuff here. Ermz…only magazines and books. Everything else is expensive.

Went to this electronic megastore. Yodobashi mall. Had a fun time collecting those product booklets. Ayumi endorses Panasonic products so the product booklets has her on the cover. Got a whole stack. Until our bags were so heavy.

Looked for this shopping mall called “The Loft”. Had trouble finding it so asked for directions. These two girls were so nice to lead us to the mall. I wanted to go there to look for any nice handphone accessories. Shinichi brought us to the one in Shinsaibashi the other time. People here never leave their handphones “bare”. That’s why they sell alot of handphone accessories.

Did I mention about the handphones? The craze or in-thing I guess are flip phones. Almost all handphones on sale are flip phones. And all have cameras. Although it’s a little big…around the size of the Panasonic GD88 but they come in different colours. So many different types…WITH CAMERA AND COLOUR SCREEN. So tempted to buy one but it’s useless coz of the frequency difference in Singapore.

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