mother’s day

So there. The whole of my Japan trip. Will be putting up some pics soon.

Met Per on Saturday to pass her some stuff. Had lunch with her at Fish & Co. Met Jasmine there. Had a good chat with Per.

Had dinner with Cas, Xiu Wei, Paul, Jaclyn and Chee Wee at Blk 85. Manz…I never knew THAT hawker centre was Blk 85. I’ve gone there so many times during my SAC days. It was only when Cas told me a few months ago that I finally realised that the famous Blk 85 is THAT hawker centre.

Shared an “Earthquake” with Cas, Xiu Wei and Paul at Tampines Swensens after dinner.

Today…well…it’s past midnight but anyway, HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY! To all the mummies. And to my wonderful wonderful mum. Thanks for always being there for me. Guiding me through life’s journey. I love you.

Just printed out my results. I think the people in my course didn’t do too well? Coz I don’t have any As. Just a mixture of Bs and C+s and I belong to the Top 1 to 25%? Hmmm…

I’ve removed the link to my old blog coz Upsaid has removed my blog already. So bye bye to all my old entries.

Oh yea…Per mentioned something worth thinking about. If our MRT system is meant to serve as a faster way of getting around the country, how come *according to her* travelling to Jurong by MRT takes around 45 minutes but by car is faster. MRT lines are like all in a straight line whereas roads are like here, there and everywhere. So, by right, it’ll be faster by MRT? No?

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