japan trip part four

The final part of my trip to Japan.

2 May. First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY XIANGLIN!!! *throws confetti and dances around* I’m so sorry I’m not there to celebrate with you, babe. May God bless ya. May all your dreams come true.

We travelled to Kyoto. Stopped at Arashiyama, Kyoto. The whole street’s bustling with people coz it’s a holiday. So there’s like international tourists and their own internal tourists.

After lunch, Sis and I went to the Johnny’s shop in Kyoto. Bought a few photos, 2003 meikan and an uchiwa. Of course, it’s kakkoii Aiba-kun lahz. *I bet Per will say her Sho-kun is more kakkoii…heehee* Didn’t forget to get a little something for Per. 2 photos. One of M.A. and the other of her Sho-kun from Arashi.

Checked out the other shops. Bought small bags to go with our yukatas. It was like 1050 yen for 3. So, one for me, one for Sis and one for Mum.

Went to this traditional handicraft shop.

Sis was complaining when we went back to Osaka that she didn’t get to eat her matcha soft cream (green tea ice-cream that’s like our 7-Eleven Mr Softee). Coz the queues for soft cream were really long. I wanted to try the sakura soft cream.

3 May. Went with Sis to Tsurumi Hanaport Blossom. It’s supposedly a flower wholesale market plus there’s Snoopy Town there.

Snoopy Town. We expected it to be an amusement park. Turns out it’s just a shop and restaurant with a Snoopy theme. Bleargh.

And talk about flower wholesale market. I think it USED to be one. Coz a shopping mall stands in it’s place.

Ate ramen. My favourite!!! Oishii!

4 May. Sis and Mum shopped in the mall near the house. Dad and I went to Expoland. Thought it was a whole amusement area for Sanrio stuff. I love My Melody. If I’m filthy rich, I wouldn’t mind decorating my whole house with Melody stuff…like You Lan Lan in Xi Jie Shao Nian, except hers is everything Hello Kitty. Too bad I’m not. So I only buy small stuff.

The weather’s not too good. Raining.

Turns out Expoland is just an amusement park. The so-called Sanrio part is just an exhibition to celebrate Sanrio’s 30th Anniversary. But I still bought some Melody stuff…hehe…

I was still “bu gan yuan” about not being able to find the Johnny’s shop in Osaka. So went back to Shinsaibashi. HA HA HA. The biggest fools are Sis and I. We read the map wrongly. Well, can’t help it if the map in the meikan wasn’t detailed enough. We assumed the road on the map was a main road and not one of those small side roads.

Found the shop. Since I still had quite a bit to spend, I bought another uchiwa.

Went to Shin and Ken’s grandma’s house for dinner. Aunty Mari was away in Tokyo for something so she wasn’t there to eat dinner with us. Shinichi and Kenichi were the main cooks. Okonomiyaki was the main course. Yummy!

Uncle Inada informed us of him getting an award for his landscaping projects in Singapore. The ceremony will be held on 22 May in Shizouka…which is near Tokyo. He expressed that he would like us to be present at the ceremony. So yea…will be away in Japan again for a few days.

5 May. Woke up early to check out the mall near the house before leaving since I didn’t have the chance to yesterday. Had a good Mac breakfast. Although upon conversion of currency, the Mac meals here are more expensive than Singapore, you can choose what kind of side and drink you want at no extra cost. So if you don’t want french fries, you can opt for a salad or 5 piece McNuggets. If you don’t want coke, you can choose any other hot or cold drink. Quite flexible.

Kenichi and Aunty Mari arrives to see us off.

Living around 10 days in their small apartment, I’ve learnt that most living around here keep small dogs as pets. They bring their dogs out for a walk early in the morning then rush off to work.

The trains and subways are very convenient. Shortens travelling time. To travel to Kyoto and Kobe from Osaka, sounds like a long trip but it is shortened by a train ride which lasts around 45 minutes. The subways have around 4 marked carriages strictly for females from the time of the first train till 9.30am. Well, I realised that in the morning, the subways will be packed with people going to work. To minimise any complaints of molestation or any molesters who think they can get away with it.

Sis has concluded that maybe all the shuai and cute guys have gone to Tokyo. None seems to exist in Osaka. The only guy whom we have rated “can make it” is the one cooking Takoyaki (Octopus balls) every night in the shop on the way back to the apartment. The shops along the street close quite late. Some close at midnight or one in the morning. There’s a supermarket that closes at one in the morning too.

We have gotten used to the cool air in Osaka that the minute we reach Singapore, we complained that it’s so hot. But it really is. I never perspired in Osaka. I had to put on a jacket most of the time. Now, THAT’S the difference.

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