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The previous posts have been archived so for those who haven’t read about my Japan trip and want to, go to the archives.

Since I’ve tagged a fair bit about trains and MRTs, let’s talk about that.

Like I tagged, in Japan, the train service has normal, fast and rapid. Normal, the train stops at every stop. Fast, the train stops at certain stops. Rapid, the train stops at only major stops. There is no difference in train fare for normal and fast trains. However for rapid trains, there is a need to pay 500 yen more.

Mum and Dad travelled by train to some place. They didn’t know about the extra fee for the rapid trains. So they happily got on one. That was until the train master came round checking tickets and asked them to pay 500 yen more.

If you’re thinking that perhaps the train master is trying to con my parents, I don’t think so. I believe that generally, all Japanese are honest people. Everything is done in the open so there can be no accusations of cheating and whatsoever.

At the shops, you do not put the money for payment on the table or hand it to the salesperson. There is a tray on the counter to leave the money there.

Every item scanned, the salesperson will announce how much it cost. He/she will also announce the total cost, how much you pay and the change if any. If you pay in a big note *10000 yen and above* for something that cost very little. The salesperson will count the notes for the change one by one.

Ok ok…I have strayed from the main topic.

So maybe our MRT can adopt the normal and fast train method? But then again, I think they better not mess around with the system anymore.

Look at what trouble has been caused coz of the circle line. First it was Nicoll Highway. Then it was AYE. I haven’t exactly read about what happened to the AYE. It was reported by Desmond when we came back to Singapore.

I say, if more stuff happens that’s related to the circle line, perhaps the circle line is not meant to exist.

Okie…here comes the pics…

This is a one-day ticket. Single trips cost around 200-300 yen. So if you’re making more than 4 trips a day, it is cheaper to get this. With this ticket that costs 850 yen (around S$13.60), it allows you to make unlimited trips in a day. I wanted to buy a single trip ticket, the cheapest one to keep as a souvenir but I forgot. Single trip tickets get “eaten” up.

Yes yes…Aiba-kun! Kakkoii ne~ The uchiwas I bought from the Johnny’s shop. The left one is from the 2003 Summer concert. The right one is from the 2003-2004 Winter concert. Ok ok…Per, your Sho-kun is also kakkoii. Hehe…

This is my yukata~~~ *sings* Had to take this pic while Mum was out. She folded it nicely and put it in a box already. If she knew I took it out just to take a pic, she’ll kill me. *points* The main yukata. The yellow piece is the obi *the one that goes around the waist*. The strings to tie. Then the pink “bao bao” *bag*. Hee…

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