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We won’t be going to Shizuoka, Japan after all. At first it was coz Sis had a SIP briefing on the 22nd. Anyway, Mum said that uncle Inada emailed to say that ends up, he only has 10 minutes for his presentation at the ceremony so it’s not worth for us to travel all the way to Japan again.

I bought Utada Hikaru’s “Single Collection 1” yesterday. And I’m listening to it now.

The list of songs…
1. Time Will Tell

2. Automatic
*Kelly Chen Hui Lin sang this in mandarin*

3. Movin’ On Without You

4. First Love
*Theme song for drama “Mo Nu De Tiao Jian” starring Nanako Matsushima and Hideaki Takizawa. It’s also the only Utada song that I can sing fully. Of course, I had to read the romanji lyrics, my Japanese is not that power.*

5. Addicted To You

6. Wait & See ~Risk~
*I love the PV (Promotional Video) for this song. Utada looks best in this PV.*

7. For You
8. (HELP! The title’s in katakana and I can’t read katakana!)

9. Can You Keep A Secret?
*Ok song…*

*There’s a faster paced version titled “Distance”. Lyrics slightly changed. This song was in memory of those killed in some shooting in a school. Apparently, the girl who died was a huge fan of Utada Hikaru. Very emotional song…at least the tune is emotional.*

11. Traveling
*Cute and happy song. UFM 100.3 used the beginning part for their report on news on the road.*

12. Hikari
*I think this is the only song, gamers who aren’t Jpop fans will find familiar. *nudges sensei* It’s supposed to be the theme song for the game “Kingdom Hearts” I think.*

13. Sakura Drops
*I like this song from her “Deep River” album.*

14. Letters

15. Colors
*Hehe…I can only say, after listening to this song, you’ll know how to name a few colours in Japanese.*

Alrighty, I would have bought this cd earlier had I not mistaken it for some classical album. The cover really looks like for some classical album and MJ put it on the bottom row of the shelf so yea…

Lastly, quoting from Ling’s blog. For those who are dying to get a laptop, add this reason to your list of reasons why you should get one.

“Can hit molesters/stalkers with it”

Good one huh?

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