LOTR exhibition

I changed my Provance username. It’s easier for me. Not used to leaving comments under another nick other than “eLiSiA” which is my own name. Haha.

Had a good lunch of roti prata. Egg prata! Since Mum was going to the market, I won’t mind having prata for lunch.

After lunch, Sis, Desmond and I set off for the Science Centre. The LOTR exhibition. Singapore is the only country in Asia to have this exhibition. Initially, we planned to go on Tuesday but since I have this readership interview with Seventeen magazine on Tuesday, we decided to go today.

My…we took about 3 hours to finish walking round the whole exhibition. I love the costumes. Too bad, photography is not allowed. But as usual, some stupid people don’t understand English or something. This lady in-charge had to announce to everyone to cooperate coz they keep getting signals from the sensors that people are taking photos.

Entry is not cheap. $20. Student price: $16. But it’s worth it. 🙂

Had dinner at this ramen shop in town. After dinner, walked round HMV.

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