be a manager

Thus my weekend is pretty much gone. *sings ala Justin Timberlake style* GONE~~~GONE~~~GONE~~~

I went back to work on Saturday. They had stuff to rush and required my help. I wonder whether it was coz I kept thinking that I have nothing to do in the beginning that they have decided to pile me with work. Or maybe coz I’m leaving soon and they really need my assistance. *shrugs*

Well…it has always been like that. When there’s little/no work, there really is nothing to do and you can be bored to tears. When there’s work to do, it’s really A LOT.

Oh manz…and tell me about it when I say some people can be awfully picky/fickle-minded. It is only a freakin’ demo. I don’t think people will actually scrutinise the size of something. Especially when the pic’s height is short of 7 pixels. C’mon…be realistic manz. You only got so many days to work with. No doubt you must get it up and running by hook or by crook. But I guess you gotta weigh which stuff is more important.

I now understand how someone feels when other people start passing little remarks. The effort that goes behind working on something no matter how small the task is. All the while when I heard those remarks, I was seriously going -_-||| and I could feel a certain person getting a little irritated by the remarks as well.

At that moment, I really felt like telling that person to just shut up manz. You think it’s so damn easy? Why don’t you try doing it as well instead of sitting there and directing people around.

Yea…I do believe in Dogbert and his management tips. Be a manager.

And well…should anybody stumble upon my blog. I shall say what Pwen said before. I’m not pin-pointing anyone in particular. So you can sleep in peace tonight.

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