testing my patience

Wah lau eh. God must really be testing my patience this morning.

Stupid taxi driver. Don’t know where’s Ang Mo Kio Street 62, open your mouth and ask lahz. Your mouth is stuffed with gold that you can’t ask? *grrr* Luckily I woke up just in time to see him miss the 2 turns completely, turning to the wrong direction. So he just turned back. Whoa…if I didn’t wake up on time, God knows where he could have taken me to.

*waves fist* And he didn’t even charge me cheaper!!! *grrrr* SMACK YER FACE!!!

And I shall conclude that now I hate 2 types of taxi drivers. Firstly, the kind who like to argue with you even though they are ridiculously and obviously wrong. Secondly, the kind who think they know it all and don’t even open their mouth to double-check.

The former…once, there was this taxi driver who argued with me whether my block was in avenue 5 or street 12. He kept arguing it was street 12 although I tried correcting him. Got so fed up I refused to argue further. What the hell! I live there for 19 years and I don’t even know where my block is situated at? You gotta be kidding…

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