taking flight

I’m planning to get my own domain and webspace soon. Used for hosting fanlistings and possibly the JCG photo album. And if I get a little more ambitious, I might try creating the JCG website. Currently one of the members has opened a yahoo photos account to host the photos but the space is running out soon and there’s not even a considerable amount of photos in there.

As to whether I’ll leave trilight, at the moment I’ll say no. Yea…I know I seem to be taking flight real fast. I’ve hardly parked myself here for long and I’m leaving already. That doesn’t feel and sound right.

Oh well…here goes the hunt for cheap and reliable webhosting companies/plans. Recommend please? Anyone?

And…today is lingy-ling’s birthday. Head over here to wish her a happy birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! O tanjoubi omedetou!!!

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