hair cut

Haha…been waiting for this moment. I couldn’t take a photo of myself the day I cut my hair *Wednesday* since after rebonding, my hair is well…rather FLAT. Kinda kuku…so since my hair had its first wash this morning, after rebonding…

I had to take a photo of myself before I cut my hair. It’s a little sad to see my long hair go…one year and one trim to get this length.

And then…

If you can see the length that is…since I’m wearing a black tee. I somehow always never get the length I want…I wanted it slightly shorter than that. But Aunty Hazel did cut the front part lots shorter as I wanted it. And at least it isn’t so dry.

Tagboard’s down…bleargh. Wonder when it will be fine again.

Going to Malaysia tomorrow. Yearly relative visits. Oh…and not to mention shopping. Will be back on Thursday evening.

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