colour and composition

*slaps myself* That’s for leaving your cds assignments to the last minute. My gawd…I think I can’t finish it on time. Bleargh.

Haven’t even looked through my CMSK stuff for tomorrow’s technical writing test. Blah ah.

I meant to think back and blog from what happened Saturday onwards but I don’t think my brain can handle it at this hour. All I can remember is that I got my Arashi and Johnny’s Jr calendars. *victory sign*

I have decided to make my next layout feature Hilary Duff. Nyeh nyeh nyeh… Shall keep the layout more or less the same as this one. That means it will still be a irritating-to-some-sideways-scrolling layout. If Nad doesn’t mind though since this layout is done by her so I’m officially asking whether I can borrow her idea for free. Wahahahahaha…

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