your concern made my day

I have learnt that I can find answers for quite a lot of stuff from the internet. Spent the past few days looking for PHP coding examples…and today, adding an image to my GUI with Java.

I am rather glad to say that the ENMM project is over. Although I didn’t get high marks for my phase II, just a C+, I am rather contented. At least now I can pick up on my sleep a little.

I really do need sleep…badly. I’m starting to space out a lot again. Dangerous. When Weiqi asked for paper, for some unknown reason, I kept fumbling around my bag when my file was right on the table.

I was touched when Don msn-ed me this morning to say that he is willing to help me out in any way for ENMM or Java coding for that matter. It was just out-of-the-blue, sincere concern. Although it was sort of last minute, I really appreciate the concern. Thanks! You made my day. Really.

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