tired and sorry

I’m really tired. Few days of sleeping at 4am has really taken its toll on me.

And it doesn’t help that I suck in Java. Sitting in the comfort of familiar surroundings at home. Everything is more or less there for me to work. And I have to get stuck.

Well you see, I do know what I want to do. Click this, what will happen. But the problem is I don’t know how to type out the codes to make it work.

Sitting there staring at what to put into the actionPerformed area. Panic a little since the submission is Friday. I won’t have much time to work on it since there’s still FYP to complete. It really doesn’t help that we have one member who isn’t doing anything. Finally, I give up. Shall get someone to help me out tomorrow. Wonder who will be patient enough to sit down with me to help me out. Or else I can just blardee fail ENMM and come back next semester.

I’m so sorry I ain’t good at anything.

I’m so sorry I’m such a slacker.

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