man and man living in harmony

Finally watched Casshern yesterday. It was TPJCG’s interclub screening where we invited groups/clubs from different schools with the same interest. One of our alumni members bought the imported DVD. The movie should be showing soon in the cinema…or maybe it is showing now? Cathay cinemas…which is pretty much Cineleisure since the other cineplex is in the west.

I enjoyed the movie although a few minor parts still remain a mystery to me. The ending was the best. Almost cried. How it portrayed what is happening in this world today. The meaning of it all. What are we living for? Human and human should live together in harmony. Yet, the distrust in each other, the way we are prejudiced forces us to have hatred for each other. Forgiveness and tolerance is needed. The line from Savage Garden’s “Affirmation”, ‘I believe forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness’. Kindness begets kindness. Hatred brings more hatred.

The movie had some futuristic elements and some elements from the olden times. It is a rather “deep” movie. Unless you understand the meaning in the movie, as long as you are not watching it just for pure entertainment’s sake, you should watch it. So, be forewarned.

I heard of this movie when I was in Japan earlier this year. I think it was showing there then. All I knew was that some characters were mutants and the theme song was sung by Utada Hikaru. Ok…just a small spoiler. The characters are not mutants. They are just humans who are reborned from body parts. And if you think the lead character has nice blue eyes (as seen on the official wallpapers), sorry to disappoint you but you can’t even see clearly in the movie. Doesn’t look blue to me. No more spoilers…go watch the movie.

Yea…my favourite character is the lead character, Tetsuya.

Mr Blue Eyes

I think his armour is cool. Especially the piece covering his mouth. It is retractable and slides out only when he fights. Oh, he has a cool sword too.

incomparable to Jay

Friday, Sis and I went to Jay Chou’s concert. Not that I wanted to but Sis pulled me along since she had no one to accompany her. But I did enjoy the concert. Here’s a little tidbit for you.

2 encores. Never expected the second one. But Sis said she expected it since he sang “ÆßÀïÏã” at the second encore. It is the current popular song from his current album so it would be surprising if he didn’t sing it at the concert. Special guests were ÄÏÈ­ÂèÂè and ÎÂá°. Hmmm…I thought the pink Yamaha grand piano didn’t suit Jay. Pink of all colours. Why couldn’t it be classic white or black?

malaysia trip

The main objective of the trip was to visit my grandparents. We invited them to stay with us in our service apartment. Since my grandmother can’t really walk a lot for a long period of time, there was not much shopping done.

The only thing I miss is the tv. The tv was equipped with cable so I could watch Viva S Club, Lizzie McGuire, CSI, and the various documentries. Mum refuses to get cable tv for our home since she said we would probably spend all our time glued to the tv and neglect our studies. Which I guess is partly true.

shop till you drop

Since I didn’t buy much clothes in Malaysia, Mum and I went shopping on Friday. Bought 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cropped pants from Giordano and 1 skirt and a pair of shorts from OP. Yes…all bottoms. There is a serious lack of nice tops and shoes. Or maybe I’m just too picky.

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