sukitte ii nayo

A movie adaptation of a manga/anime series I am following, 好きっていいなよ (Say “I Love You”). Another plain-jane-falls-for-handsome-and-popular-guy type of story (or is it the other way round?). It’s kind of unbelievable that a popular guy would fall for a plain jane like that, but who cares? It’s just a fictional story.

The movie captured pretty much most of the important scenes at the beginning of the manga and where the anime ended off. Again, certain parts were changed to fit the movie, but there was not too much deviation from the original. The actors/actresses that were casted fit the roles fairly well. A more handsome actor could have been chosen for Kurosawa Yamato though. But some credit should be given to Fukushi Souta who played the character. He managed to bring out the more down-to-earth part of the character — the one who doesn’t care for fame, the one who is a regular guy with fears for the future. If I wanted to point out anything negatively, I’ll say that the acting for Aiko’s character was a little flat. The movie also didn’t introduce Megumi’s character too much, which I thought they should as this character was the one who stirred up a lot of emotions between the lovers. Oh! And what about their cats? That was missing too. The cats were a good part of the story as they helped to break down the distance between the two. Dang.

Overall, I would say this movie was a good effort but I still prefer the manga/anime. Still waiting for the second part of the anime…

bokura ga ita

Yet another film adapted from a manga series. 僕等がいた (Bokura ga Ita) is a high school romance story about a girl named Takahashi Nanami who fell for the popular boy, Yano Motoharu. Always the same trope but I never get sick of such stories. Haha.

I started out watching the anime series and liked it so much that I continued reading the manga. The anime series ends where Yano moves to Tokyo, leaving Takahashi back in Sapporo. That’s about halfway through the whole story. A lot of things happen after that. (No spoilers.)

I had high hopes for the movie, but was a teeny weeny bit disappointed. They changed a couple of scenes to fit the flow of the movie. Other than that, they managed to capture the essence of the story in two parts…kind of like an extended movie. Part one was their high school days and part two when they grew up. I thought the choice of actors was quite accurate.

Toma Ikuta played Yano, a character that has a playful streak and also a serious side. Was kinda happy that I watched this movie with Toma taking the lead role. I’ve missed seeing him on screen. Toma and YamaP came as a pair in Johnny’s, but as they grew up, YamaP overshadowed Toma. When NewS formed, I was crushed that Toma wasn’t in it. Eventually, Toma just faded away. He didn’t even debut in any group.

Yoshitaka Yuriko played the timid Takahashi. I’m not too familiar with this actress and at first thought Miyazaki Aoi would have been a better choice. After all, Takahashi is supposed to be a cute girl. But as I watched the movie, I felt Yuriko was fine.

Higa Manami played Sengenji Akiko, Yano’s Tokyo high school classmate. Akiko is the cool beauty with long black hair. What makes this character so appealing is that she has both the brains and beauty. When Manami appeared in the movie, I felt “Yes! She totally fits the Akiko character!”

Takaoka Sousuke played Takeuchi Masafumi, Yano’s best friend who also holds a torch for Takahashi. I’m ok with the choice of actor, just that I felt he looks a bit old for a high schooler. Incidentally, the actor is the ex-husband of Miyazaki Aoi. Hmmm…coincidence…

The movie ending was quite like the manga series. There is not much of an elaboration of after they got together again, yet the story does not end abruptly.

kyou, koi wo hajimemasu

I’m the kind of person that likes to watch and read the same series to compare the treatment of the story in different mediums.

今日、恋をはじめます (Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu) is another film adapted from a manga series about plain jane Hibino Tsubaki who gets teased by the popular guy in her high school, Tsubaki Kyouta but eventually falls for him. A very typical high school romance story line. The ending for the manga was pretty good…the usual happily ever after ending after the protagonist goes through hardship. There was an OVA for the manga series which had pretty choppy scenes and ended only somewhere in the beginning of the whole story.

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helter skelter

I don’t watch movies nowadays (especially at the cinema), but I do enjoy Japanese movies. I’m not being bias here and I’ll say that I have watched a Japanese movie or two which sucked. I like thought-provoking movies, the kind that would make me want to share my thoughts/opinion…like now. *Note: There may be a few spoilers in my commentary.

ヘルタースケルタ (Helter Skelter) is a film adapted from a manga series about uber fabulous supermodel Ririko (played by Sawajiri Erika), who has the perfect body and face that every girl dreams of having. However, what those girls do not know is that Ririko is “manufactured” — every inch of her body and face except for her “eyeballs, ears and pussy” (as her manager states) is the result of plastic surgery. Of course, there is a hefty price to pay for the body and looks that every man and woman would die for, which comes in the form of treatments and medication to keep her body functioning even as it struggles to keep up. On the sidelines, an inspector is investigating a series of suicides and organ thefts that point to the shady practices of the beauty clinic that services Ririko.

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the last entry

I guess this should be my so-called last entry in diaryland. Since tomorrow is July already and I wanted to start afresh in my blog so that the archives wouldn’t be so messy.

Everything’s almost done there. I need to back up all my entries here and transfer them there. Certain links have to be done up as well.

I’m thinking of adding my list of PVs and songs for people to request for download. Having been getting lots of stuff off people’s sites so it’s time I contribute something.

Wanted to blog yesterday but diaryland was down. Watched “Initial D” with James. It was also to get back my router. Many thanks to him for helping me run down to the company to get it checked.

Haha…now I know why Ling said the female lead’s voice is irritating. Coz it is irritating. The voice-over for Suzuki Anne is horrible. I don’t understand why just coz she’s a female, she has to have a darn high pitched voice. It’s the same for anime. Sometimes it’s so unnaturally high.

Anyway, there should be a part 2 for the movie. Haha…

The Massu site is down. Darn. Now I only have the first episode of Kinpachi Sensei. Per knows that I get high when I manage to download something with Massu in it. HAHAHA. Of course…it’s like how she gets that high feeling when she downloads something with Ryo or Kanjani8. But I must agree that Honjani episodes seem really funny where you’ll just laugh your head off. Judging from the translations and screencaps on this website that Per found.

the guys and girls

Hurhur, I think I kinda ditched the idea to blog about my trip. Nothing much to say except that stuff was cheap, food was salty and oily and we visited a lot of temples and so-and-so’s house from the past.

Thursday, Sis and I celebrated Joyce’s birthday at Sushi Tei in Paragon. After dinner, we went to Mise S*Clusive. AGAIN. And AGAIN, I couldn’t resist the charm of Masuda and NewS. Let’s just say I’m planning to stay home for the next 1-2 weeks.

Yesterday, watched Madagascar with Sis, Desmond and Desmond’s sister, Michelle. It was a hilarious cartoon. “I like to move it, move it. You like to move it, move it. I like to move it, move it. You like to…MOVE IT!”

Met up with Xiu Wei, Cas, Don, Raynor, Chee Wee, Zhihao, Albin, Clare and Yingwei to celebrate Raynor’s and Clare’s birthday. Went to this little restaurant in Clarke Quay. After which, we sat around at a bar to talk while the guys drank.

While Raynor was driving some of us home, the whole guys and girls thing popped up. Yingwei said that if a guy is driving and he gets lost, the girl shouldn’t ask “Are you lost?” coz it gets the guy mad. It’s the whole ego thing lahz. I think it’s like guys think when the girl asks like that, she’s like looking down on him or something? But in actual fact I think she’s just trying to help?

Another thing that was discussed during 7ners chalet. When there’s a problem, the guy would want to sweep it under the rug, the further the better. Until one day when the problem snowballs into a mountain then we’ll talk about it. Whereas the girl would want to solve it now so it doesn’t repeat. And they finally discuss it, the guy would think that the girl is just getting so heated up over a small matter. But the girl is like thinking “What small matter?! Get yourself in this mess still dare say!”

That’s the difference between guys and girls. Perhaps guys should get down from their little pedestal once in a while. It’s not always about you and your ego. Girls should…well, just be more understanding that guys will always have their pride.

Like how one of the contestants in Miss Universe said, guys lack sensitivity.

One more thing CJ mentioned, both guys and girls tend to want to talk emotional stuff with girls.

a heffalumpish story

Went down to The Amara to lunch with Sis at O’Briens since I have a voucher and it was also to visit Joyce.

After which, we caught “Pooh’s Heffalump Movie”. Surrounded by lots of kids. Haha, the 2 of us…the only big kids. I like how Winnie The Pooh stories are circled around the topic of friendship and learning to love and accept others. Good values a kid could learn.

Now, I’m just itching to add on some stuff to my FYP so that tomorrow will be a slightly better presentation.

lemony snicket

Today’s my grandma’s birthday. We celebrated with her yesterday. Simple meal together. And I was quite relieved/glad that my grandpa actually talked a bit. Ever since he had a little accident years ago, he became quite withdrawn and because of that, he started to age a lot quicker.

Watched “Lemony Snicket’s A Series Of Unfortunate Events”. Quite a nice show actually. Sunny’s so cute! And yes…don’t watch it if you are expecting to see happy little elves. Wahahahahahahaha…

I saw this nice sweater/jacket from Fila. But it’s expensive. Bleargh. James offered his Fila card to get a 15% discount. But with the discount, I still think it’s expensive and it’s not like I’m in need of one. It’s more of a want. I need to really think through if I want to get it. Like after I buy it, will I keep using it? If not, it’s pointless to spend so much.

man and man living in harmony

Finally watched Casshern yesterday. It was TPJCG’s interclub screening where we invited groups/clubs from different schools with the same interest. One of our alumni members bought the imported DVD. The movie should be showing soon in the cinema…or maybe it is showing now? Cathay cinemas…which is pretty much Cineleisure since the other cineplex is in the west.

I enjoyed the movie although a few minor parts still remain a mystery to me. The ending was the best. Almost cried. How it portrayed what is happening in this world today. The meaning of it all. What are we living for? Human and human should live together in harmony. Yet, the distrust in each other, the way we are prejudiced forces us to have hatred for each other. Forgiveness and tolerance is needed. The line from Savage Garden’s “Affirmation”, ‘I believe forgiveness is the key to your unhappiness’. Kindness begets kindness. Hatred brings more hatred.

The movie had some futuristic elements and some elements from the olden times. It is a rather “deep” movie. Unless you understand the meaning in the movie, as long as you are not watching it just for pure entertainment’s sake, you should watch it. So, be forewarned.

I heard of this movie when I was in Japan earlier this year. I think it was showing there then. All I knew was that some characters were mutants and the theme song was sung by Utada Hikaru. Ok…just a small spoiler. The characters are not mutants. They are just humans who are reborned from body parts. And if you think the lead character has nice blue eyes (as seen on the official wallpapers), sorry to disappoint you but you can’t even see clearly in the movie. Doesn’t look blue to me. No more spoilers…go watch the movie.

Yea…my favourite character is the lead character, Tetsuya.

Mr Blue Eyes

I think his armour is cool. Especially the piece covering his mouth. It is retractable and slides out only when he fights. Oh, he has a cool sword too.

incomparable to Jay

Friday, Sis and I went to Jay Chou’s concert. Not that I wanted to but Sis pulled me along since she had no one to accompany her. But I did enjoy the concert. Here’s a little tidbit for you.

2 encores. Never expected the second one. But Sis said she expected it since he sang “ÆßÀïÏã” at the second encore. It is the current popular song from his current album so it would be surprising if he didn’t sing it at the concert. Special guests were ÄÏÈ­ÂèÂè and ÎÂá°. Hmmm…I thought the pink Yamaha grand piano didn’t suit Jay. Pink of all colours. Why couldn’t it be classic white or black?

malaysia trip

The main objective of the trip was to visit my grandparents. We invited them to stay with us in our service apartment. Since my grandmother can’t really walk a lot for a long period of time, there was not much shopping done.

The only thing I miss is the tv. The tv was equipped with cable so I could watch Viva S Club, Lizzie McGuire, CSI, and the various documentries. Mum refuses to get cable tv for our home since she said we would probably spend all our time glued to the tv and neglect our studies. Which I guess is partly true.

shop till you drop

Since I didn’t buy much clothes in Malaysia, Mum and I went shopping on Friday. Bought 2 pairs of jeans, 1 pair of cropped pants from Giordano and 1 skirt and a pair of shorts from OP. Yes…all bottoms. There is a serious lack of nice tops and shoes. Or maybe I’m just too picky.

the usuals

As usual, woke up really late. Was supposed to go watch this movie at the IMAX with Sis. “Young Black Stallion”…I think that’s the title of the movie. Sis is crazy about horses so yea. Anyway, Sis woke up real late too so we had to give it a miss.

Couldn’t get Per. Wanted to ask her whether she was free to go with me to Bugis. She’s going to show me the bag shop. Still went anyway. Nothing to do. Check out prices for the Precious Moments cross-stitch kits. Better keep it up while I’m still at it. Normally, I would sew like half the piece then chuck it one side and it’ll be like half a year before I continue to finish it. Finishing the one I started about a week ago. Yay!