the last entry

I guess this should be my so-called last entry in diaryland. Since tomorrow is July already and I wanted to start afresh in my blog so that the archives wouldn’t be so messy.

Everything’s almost done there. I need to back up all my entries here and transfer them there. Certain links have to be done up as well.

I’m thinking of adding my list of PVs and songs for people to request for download. Having been getting lots of stuff off people’s sites so it’s time I contribute something.

Wanted to blog yesterday but diaryland was down. Watched “Initial D” with James. It was also to get back my router. Many thanks to him for helping me run down to the company to get it checked.

Haha…now I know why Ling said the female lead’s voice is irritating. Coz it is irritating. The voice-over for Suzuki Anne is horrible. I don’t understand why just coz she’s a female, she has to have a darn high pitched voice. It’s the same for anime. Sometimes it’s so unnaturally high.

Anyway, there should be a part 2 for the movie. Haha…

The Massu site is down. Darn. Now I only have the first episode of Kinpachi Sensei. Per knows that I get high when I manage to download something with Massu in it. HAHAHA. Of course…it’s like how she gets that high feeling when she downloads something with Ryo or Kanjani8. But I must agree that Honjani episodes seem really funny where you’ll just laugh your head off. Judging from the translations and screencaps on this website that Per found.

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