the official first entry

[edited at 2.36pm]
I know I have to back up my entries at diaryland but I’m feeling so lazy. It is a long process. I only managed to back up half of January 2004’s entries last night. And I realised that the page gets really long coz the space for the entries is small. Grrr…

This is where I post my (so-called) first official entry. Ok…with Word Press that is.

Actually I’m not exactly in a good mood now coz I’m trying to reformat Sis’s computer, half wondering why that freaking thing takes so damn long to load and half tolerating the irritating sister.

Still in the midst of backing up my old entries at diaryland. They are too dear to just let go. About a year and more of entries…can’t bear to see it all go. Coz they ARE a part of me. Diaryland was down last night after I finished most of the layout here so I couldn’t start on it.

Today, I have to get busy with Sis’s computer. And I realise I have no freaking patience with “computer idiots”. All they do is sit there, complain till thy kingdom come that there’s a problem and someone’s gotta fix it. C’mon, I ain’t no expert but I try all I can to help myself ok. Whether be it looking up the net for articles and help or actually finding where I can get some expert’s help.

This just doesn’t sound good for a first entry but what the hell…

Did you see that? The “Hello World!” entry is GONE! Nyahahahahahaha… It was just a test entry…which some of you went to comment on. Haha… Ok ok, I’m sorry. Just re-comment?

3 thoughts on “the official first entry

  1. For figuring most of the WordPress stuff yourself and succeeding, おめでとうございます♥~

  2. sounded so funny when u said ‘the “hello world!” entry is GONE!’
    yup..finally u got it done! *claps*

  3. yay! hello world is so uninteresting =/ oh, you put your dotted lines on the side tags or the center tags? coz when the center column gets longer, the dotted lines don’t go all the way through =/

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