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[edited at 4.17am]
The search for the aho-est pic of Ryuhei is off? Coz I have found one and made the avatar already. It’s now my msn pic. HAHAHA. But of course, if you can find a more aho pic than what I have, feel free to let me know. Thanks. HAHAHA.

Kinda settled Sis’s computer. Finally. Settling this kinda thing is really taxing on my brain and patience.

Well, well, well. Itching to make a new avatar for msn. Looking for the aho-est pic of Ryuhei. Actually I found a pic already. But if someone manages to find a more aho pic of him, do let me know. Why is he an aho? Coz Subaru says so. HAHAHA.

Anyway, a very interesting short conversation happened between Per and I yesterday. Hmmmm…actually this morning at 5.30am. And it’s interesting just coz of one line Per said. Ok, fine. It’s INTERESTING TO ME.

Me: I had to come back online to tell you something.
Per: Ooh…something important? About you? About me?
Me: Massu went on Recomen.
Per: Oh haha about Massu.
Me: And Yoko made fun of him for 3 hours. Haha.
Per: HAHAHA wth! You come online to tell me this!
Per: It’s YOKO!!!
Per: I thought you koonz le.
Per: My dear…you really high damn easily. Just need to mention “MASSU”.
Me: Coz I was trying to find a really AHO pic of Ryuhei.
Per: What! Hahahahahaha…
Me: Then can make avatar.
Per: GOT GOT. Got perverse one. lol.
Per: The way his eyes look lah. So eeeeee
Me: Anyway you go read her diary. Haha.
Per: *hugs* I’ll find an aho pic of Maru for you.
Me: Haha.
Per: Ok ok gdnites.
Me: Haha nitez.

In case you’re getting confused here. Massu is the guy on my banner. *points up* Recomen is a radio programme that’s hosted by Kanjani8 Yoko and Hina. Yoko is Yokoyama Yu from Kanjani8. Hina is Shingo Murakami from Kanjani8. Hina is just a nickname. Ryuhei and Maru are one and the same person, Maruyama Ryuhei from Kanjani8. Aho is a Japanese expression for calling someone stupid…something like baka but not quite the same. Per says that Kansai people usually use aho more than baka? And the diary I’m talking about is the webmistress of this Kanjani8 fansite’s blog.

2 thoughts on “search for the aho pic

  1. What do you mean by “one line”? Most of the lines I said were interesting! あたしおもろい! HAHA~

    Yeah, someone went offline and came back just to tell me about Massu appearing on Recomen.. あんたがアホじゃない?!


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