asunaro ginga

Omg. Sonim’s “Asunaro Ginga” PV is so sad.

She plays a blind girl in the PV. One day on the street, she slips but is caught by a passer-by, a kind-hearted boy. She gives him a little knitted bunny. Slowly they build a friendship. He’s running away from the bad guys who are after whatever is in this bag that he carries.

One day, they meet at the park. She passes to him some documents, telling him that she is going for an operation. She tries to touch his face but he pushes her away. Coz he has been beaten up by the bad guys so there are bumps and bruises.

They agree to meet again when her operation is over. Her operation is successful. She waits for him. He holds a small bouquet of flowers, happily walking to go meet her. Suddenly, someone briefly passes by him. A shocked look on his face and he falls down to the ground. He has been stabbed. He dies.

She just continues to wait for him…

It’s really really sad coz she doesn’t even know he’s dead. Doesn’t even know what he looks like…

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