o tanjoubi omedetou!!!

[edited on 4 July at 1.36am]
Per asked why I never write any birthday wishes for Massu. Ok then, here goes…

Wishing Massu a wonderful and blessed birthday. May you always be that sunshine-y. Keep smiling. Stay healthy *even when that lousy Johnny Kitagawa is trying to overwork you…grrrr*. Please don’t learn to smoke or else my impression of you will just go *piang*. Have fun!

This is a MUST ok…

増田さんおたんじょびおめでとう!!! *sorry, I only know hiragana…HAHAHA*

Massu is 19 today!!! *claps*

Japan is one hour ahead of us…

Since it is also Jin’s birthday…


One thought on “o tanjoubi omedetou!!!

  1. (うなずく) そうそう..

    明日ケーキを食べに行きましょう!~ ハッハハハ! ケーキ食べたいから♥ *crosses fingers* (hope this works)

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