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Before I plunge into the day’s happenings, let me introduce the songs on my radio blog. *points to the left* I just added 4 more songs yesterday. =)

Marion Raven – Break You, currently one of my faves. This is my first favourite song of Marion. The whole album sounds a whole lot different from her M2M days. M2M was more pop-ish. Her solo album is more rock-ish. But whether it’s M2M or Marion Raven, I admire her talent.

Marion Raven – End Of Me, second favourite Marion song.

Lene Marlin – Story, this song is really very meaningful. I think it’s about a friend who has depression and committed suicide. Coz of how I see my own sister struggle with depression, this song holds a lot of meaning for me. It really reflects how other people look at them. I feel angry that people often treat them like aliens. Or worse still, pretend that they understand but totally don’t and in the end hurt them a lot more. This brings to the whole issue of me thinking that teachers never really cared. Whatever they said was more like empty promises. Fuck. If you really cared, Sis wouldn’t have broke down in school. If you really cared, students wouldn’t be committing suicide. I really felt bad at that time that coz I wasn’t in school (in SIP company), I couldn’t be there to help her. *gives dirty look at that DAMN FUCKING lecturer* All the talk about how you understood, YOU NEVER REALLY DID coz in the end, you turned round and blamed her instead.

Lene Marlin – Disguise, some lines in this song reflects how I truly feel at times. How I never really dared to show some parts of me to protect myself from getting hurt. From young, I learnt not to cry so that people wouldn’t bully me. But sometimes it’s tiring to keep this barrier up coz I know that sometimes I’m not that strong and really need to cry. It’s good now that I slowly accept these emotions, that it isn’t wrong to show them. To admit my weaknesses and that it isn’t something shameful to let people know of them.

NewS – Zutto, this is the sweetest song. I wrote in a previous diaryland entry on this song. Discussing about how it would be good to have a relationship where the 2 of us could walk hand in hand, not saying a word but yet know what each other is thinking. Just that simple…

NewS – Cherish, another nice NewS song. This song really sparked off my liking for NewS. =)

Mari Sasaki – The Cape Of Storms (Piano version), a song originally sung by Hyde. This piano version was in 下弦の月 (Last Quarter). The tune Chiaki played on the piano.

Kanjani8 – Osaka Rainy Blues, according to Per whose Japanese is way way better than mine, she says that this song is really sad. There is a strong usage of Kansaiben in it. Something like this person cannot forget and cannot go back to the way his relationship was…

Kanjani8 – Naniwa Iroha Bushi…*chants* Sora! Yoi to ko sassa no yoi sassa! A very matsuri-feel song. Good to listen now since it is the 夏祭 (summer festival) period in Japan. Will be going to Osaka in time for their summer festival. Wearing my æµ´è¡£ (summer kimono) and watching 花火 (fireworks) . Really can’t wait. Sort of like a once in a lifetime kinda experience. The PV for this song is really nice too. Uchi looks so cute doing the traditional dance hand actions. ^_^

Please listen to the songs. Hope you like them as much as I do~~~

Spent a rather eventful day. Getting a new hard drive to back up all the clips and PVs and what not. Space is never enough when you see how I, Sis and Per do our downloading. Haha. I assure you that you will look at this issue in a whole new light. Oh well, we met James at Sim Lim, needed some “expert” help. With that, Per and I got the 160GB internal hard drive.

Met Chien Ren’s brother coz he needed to get something changed as well. Had lunch at Amirans. A restaurant that Per recommended we go try.

Headed back to my house to install it in. Haha, James kept exclaiming that I’m an IT student coz I really had no idea what he was doing when I’m supposed to know coz I went through FCSOS. HAHA…see I told you guys I’m not smart. I think the main reason why I don’t remember this stuff is coz school labs are like ineffective for me. Usually you pair up to do this kinda stuff and since the guys are like experts in this, most of the time they do up everything. There is never enough time to actually fiddle around with the stuff. Secondly, Mum will not be too pleased to see me fiddling with my own computer. Well, she DID pay for the computer. Although I think this is the best way for me to learn. To have someone beside me who knows this stuff…then I can try out this combination or that, or just ask why do I have to do it this way and what does this do. Right now, the inside looks just like a mass of wires and itty bitty chippy things. God knows what is what.

It’s really like how I learnt to use the VCR…all the functions and stuff. I watch Dad fix it up, read the manual, fiddle around and then go “oh, so this function does this”.

After dinner, the 3 of us went over to Per’s house to help her install the hard drive as well. I guess she is damn happy now coz then she can download more Honjani episodes and all those Kanjani8 clips without having to worry about the lack of space.

I just realised that time passes really quickly and I have barely started doing what I proposed to do before it is time to get a job.

WHY IS THE MASSU SITE STILL DOWN?! Now I am stuck with only ONE FREAKIN’ EPISODE of Kinpachi Sensei.

2 thoughts on “so listen to the radio

  1. too many people accessing to the site like you? 😀

    yeah, break you’s my favourite. no real second faves at the moment. story’s good. I love it. but I like my love and fight against the hours better. fath is like, the longest track in that album of hers…

  2. Haha…more like too many people leeching of the site like me?

    I find that her album just sounds so sad. But then I like it coz the lyrics sound real, not just some fairytale romance.

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