I suddenly realised I got my priorities wrong. Since yesterday or even before that, I have been trying to compile a list of all my mp3s and mtvs to put up here. Got this idea after visiting a Tackey & Tsubasa site and then requesting the webmistress to send me some clips. It’s like sharing all the goodies you have. Anyway, coz of that, I haven’t been continuing the ardous process of backing up my diaryland entries. Which I must coz probably in a month’s time, diaryland will just delete my account coz I am not blogging with them anymore.

Per just sent me a url of some lucky girl’s site. Why lucky? Coz she managed to talk to some of the NewS members. *faints faints faints* I told Per that if I ever EVER get to meet any of them, I think I will just be silent after “hello”. Like just TOTAL SILENCE. Why? Coz I can’t speak Japanese. I only know like what…a few random words, not enough to string proper sentences. *thinks* But then again, I seem to be quite quiet around people I don’t really know. Then they all think I am a very quiet person. Sorry manz, you gotta know me well to know that I ain’t THAT quiet. HAHAHA…

In less than 24 hours, the IOC will decide which country will be hosting the 2012 Olympics. Hope London wins the bid. Haha…coz I signed to support them. Stupid reason huh? Singapore will never get to be host country coz our country is so freakin’ small. If some Europeans can think that we are part of China, that just goes to show how insignificant our country is in terms of size. Probably the number of tourists who visit the country for the Olympics is enough to fill our whole country. Then where are our people going to stay? Underground…HAHAHA…

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