shrek and donkey

Watched “Shrek 2” with Sis, James, Timmy, James’s mum (Joyce) this morning. The movie’s hilarious. Especially the part where Pinocchio and gang came to free Shrek.

And I like the donkey. Haha. Although he’s considered to be the most irritating in the movie.

Gosh! The little boy can really eat. Timmy finished a Big Breakfast from Mac all by himself. After the movie, he could still eat an Ebi rice burger when the rest of us were like still full from breakkie.

Went home. Caught up on sleep since I woke up pretty early today although I slept at 4am.

Hmmm…am I slow or something? Did the post office just increase the price to send a letter? I used the S.A.M machine to buy a stamp. However I realised that there wasn’t an option to buy a 22 cent stamp but an option to buy a 23 cent stamp instead. If I recall correctly, it used to be an option to buy a 22 cent stamp.

Yay. I’m meeting Xianglin on Monday.

panasonic lumix

I’ve started watching “Winter Sonata”. Partly influenced after going to Japan. Coz Mr Bae Yong Jun is getting pretty popular in Japan too. They’re showing “Winter Sonata” on tv in Japan. A lot of magazines feature Mr Bae Yong Jun on the cover too. Mum told me bits of the story so I’m kinda curious now.

Shopped for a digicam. Finally settled on this one.

The Panasonic Lumix DMC-FX5. 4.0 megapixels. 3x optical zoom. 3x digital zoom. What attracted me was the optical image stabilizer feature. Good for people with unsteady hands like me.

Mine’s the blue one.

Watched “Van Hellsing” on Thursday with Sis and Desmond. The vampires look kinda disgusting as those flying things. I think the vampires in “Buffy The Vampire Slayer” look better.

Got my results by sms this afternoon. Passed everything. But I won’t say the results are fantastic. Just Bs and C+s. A little disappointed in myself but yea…gotta live with it.

I’m loving my new handphone strap. It’s from the Osaka Kaiyukan (Osaka Aquarium). One of the musts when I went to Japan. To replace the Ayu one.

yes i do

Woohoo! I can get to watch “The Passion of Christ”. It’s not R(A). First saw the advertisement for this movie on Mum’s copy of Catholic News. Sis just confirmed that the movie is not R(A).

I don’t know whether to feel happy for the couple or to laugh. Yesterday, I visited Jo’s blog…Diary-X blog. A pink page popped up instead of her blog layout. Thought she changed her layout.

After reading the first few lines, I thought this person hacked into the diary-x system. And that page was some virus. However, I checked the link to the girl’s blog and decided that it’s not a hoax.

You see…the contents on that page was actually a proposal. For all the curious and kaypoh people. Yes…you can view the page here. And the girl blogged her answer. She said yes.

To which, 70+ people commented on that entry. Many to congratulate them. Some felt that it’s not right. Marriage is a life-long commitment. Saying “I do” means that you promise to love each other, cherish each other, care for each other, go through the good and bad together and lots more.

Well, that’s why the wedding vows existed right? I often wonder whether couples understand and mean what they recite or they just recite for the sake of getting on with the ceremony. Coz why do you make a vow…a promise only to break it in the end? Then is that vow that you made worth anything anymore?

Well, that’s just my 2-cents worth on marriage.

Today is Kelvin sensei’s birthday. Louis’s famous words keep flashing in my mind…”worst”. Can’t believe I didn’t even know. How can I not know it’s sensei’s birthday. He sms-ed me while I was sleeping at home. Asked if I’m joining them for lunch. I wonder if it had anything to do with his birthday. Damn damn damn…*stabs myself*

I only knew about it during the break before ADID lab. When Cas called coz they got him a slice of cake and a card. Wanted to surprise him.

IN3D presentation was ok. Nervous as usual. I dislike presentations. Get so nervous. And I tend to stumble over my words or forget stuff whenever I get nervous. Don’t even know whether I was loud enough…bleargh. I bet I’ll be pretty nervous for the OSIP interview tomorrow. -_-|||

Last night Mum passed us some money. Dad got a bonus at work so he shared it out with the whole family. Proud of my Dad. *beams*

oh dear…

Slept pretty early yesterday. Midnight. Well, I normally sleep around 2+am so midnight’s early. Was tired. Had a long day with no nap in between.

Was in school till 5pm. Finishing off the ER diagram. However, I think some parts we did wrongly. It’s more like a mind map than ER diagram. My group members don’t seem to realise it. And I find it difficult to explain. Oh well…we’re approaching our tutor so I guess she’ll point that out and have a better explanation.

Had Shrooms burger for dinner again. Sis wanted to eat that. So KFC again. In a hurry anyway.

Got ready to go to the Shakespeare play. And then the most terrible thing happened. Sis took out the tickets to check and to her horror, it was for 3pm, not 8pm. Apparently, Mum did ask for the 8pm show but the Sistic counter girl made a mistake. Mum didn’t check the tickets. So there. Desmond called up Sistic to find out if there could be any exchange or refund.

Had to settle for a movie instead. Wanted to watch “My Girl” at TM at 9.10pm. Whoa…long queue at the cinema. Ended up watching “20 30 40” at Century Square at 9.15pm.

Okie dokie…need to get work done.

advertisements lie

What you see may not be what you get. KFC advertised their new huge juicy mushroom and chicken burger on tv. In actual fact, the burger is nothing wonderful.

Advertisements are just an evil ploy to brainwash unsuspecting people into throwing money away. Muahahahaha…

Qoo towne is coming! Qoo towne is coming! 9 to 28 April at Cineleisure. Lotsa Qoo stuff. Can you say yay? *excited*

A few new movies coming too. Chick flick “The Prince and Me” starring Julia Stiles. Opening on 9 April. Then there’s “Van Hellsing” opening in May I think. I knew about this movie some time ago coz Sis went to download the trailer. She also downloaded another trailer for “13 Going On 30” starring Jennifer Garner. No news about it yet in Singapore.

hip hop

Yay! I caught “Honey” with Nad today. Hehe…the 2 of us were dying to watch that movie.

Met her after school at PS. The movie was cool. Although it doesn’t really have a storyline, but the hip hop dancing is cool. Hmmm…but the meaning behind the movie’s good too? Coz the main character Honey Daniels (played by Jessica Alba) teaches hip hop dance to street kids so they’ll have a good future instead of letting them waste their lives on crime and drugs.

Got back my ORDS term test script. And I…passed! Thank God! I heard a lot of people failed. I thought I’ll be one of the failures coz I really have not much idea on ORDS. Although it was a borderline 45/75 but that’s ok for now. Gotta pull up my socks though.

Tomorrow’s JCG’s drama screening of Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest). Am helping out.

The kitty pic on Nad’s blogcam reminds me of her…

The orange kitty in IT canteen. This pic was taken by Sof.

and tell me everything’s gonna be alright

Today can be classified as bad and good at the same time.

Finally had lunch with you guys. Something we haven’t done in a long while. Hey, hope we could be like this in 5 or 10 years down the road. Meet up again for a chat and a cuppa.

Went to watch a movie after school. “Timeline”. Heh…I had no clue what the movie’s about intially. As long as it’s not horror or gory will do. The movie turned out to be not bad. This is the second time I watch a movie without knowing what it is about beforehand.

Halfway through the movie, Nad sms-ed to ask whether I watched “Honey” already. She wanted to watch it. There was 7.10pm and 9.10pm movie slots. 9.10pm would be too late since there’s school tomorrow. Besides, I wasn’t sure what time “Timeline” would end. Well, it ended before 7pm so I thought maybe I could meet Nad and we could watch “Honey”. That’ll be like a movie marathon.

Turns out she’s just leaving her workplace. So by the time she travels back to Tampines, it’ll be too late. Anyway, we just settled for dinner at Swensens. She needed some company to take things off her mind.

While waiting for her to arrive, went walking round the mall. Bought a top from 77th Street. Went to Toys R’ Us. Childhood memories…wish I was a kid all over again. More innocence, less problems. The world is just one happy place to live in. Went to look at my favourite section. The My Little Ponies. *smilez*

Nad arrived. Had dinner. It was nice talking to her. Reminds me of the time at Long John’s *winks* She became a listening ear to my problems. I listened to all she had to say about her workplace. She really went into detail about her workplace. Describing what she does, the funny things that happen. She wasn’t ready to talk about her problems. Hey Nad, anytime yea…

And she treat me to dinner! Thanks! *hugz* Next time’s my turn ok? And thanks for meeting up. Really appreciate it since I had some things on my mind too. So we both needed a breather. 🙂

I’m quiet only for 4 reasons. 1) I really have nothing to say. 2) I don’t know the person/people well. 3) There’s something bothering me. 4) I don’t usually have a lot to say. Most of the time it’s coz people ask me questions.

Tomorrow’s the ORDS mock lab test. Gonna get back my ORDS term test script too. I think I’m gonna flunk it. 🙁