hip hop

Yay! I caught “Honey” with Nad today. Hehe…the 2 of us were dying to watch that movie.

Met her after school at PS. The movie was cool. Although it doesn’t really have a storyline, but the hip hop dancing is cool. Hmmm…but the meaning behind the movie’s good too? Coz the main character Honey Daniels (played by Jessica Alba) teaches hip hop dance to street kids so they’ll have a good future instead of letting them waste their lives on crime and drugs.

Got back my ORDS term test script. And I…passed! Thank God! I heard a lot of people failed. I thought I’ll be one of the failures coz I really have not much idea on ORDS. Although it was a borderline 45/75 but that’s ok for now. Gotta pull up my socks though.

Tomorrow’s JCG’s drama screening of Taiho Shichauzo (You’re Under Arrest). Am helping out.

The kitty pic on Nad’s blogcam reminds me of her…

The orange kitty in IT canteen. This pic was taken by Sof.

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