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Hehe…uploaded new photos. As in new set of photos. The photos were taken some time ago. 5 of them taken in Australia last year.

The response for the drama screening wasn’t good. There weren’t any non-members. The response for “Moon Child” was better. Maybe coz that day was Open House. And people are more aware of that movie since there’s more publicity for that movie. Dramas…ehz…unless there’s some famous actor or actress. Unfortunately for “YUA”, there aren’t any well-known artistes. Unless you’re pretty into Japanese stuff then you’ll know who Sachie Hara and Misaki Ito are. Or if you watched “To Heart” before then you should find Sachie Hara familiar.

Some idiot pulled off the YUA poster/notice from the IT school noticeboard. Lucky I had an extra copy that’s already stamped with the SAA stamp.

Hehe…it’s been some time since I ate food court food. Didn’t know the Century Square food court has a western food stall. The chicken chop’s gooooooooooood. For $5.50, you get the chicken chop, fries, baked beans, salad leaves, piece of bread and a sunny-side-up egg. And they are pretty generous with the sauce.

Dinner with the family at Sento.

Got Arashi’s new single from HMV. *Per, you read that?*

I’ve decided to take part in the IDA Fun Moments! Online Photo Competition. I knew of this competition through my singnet account. That’s before Lee Leong put up an enticing notice on Ole. All STMD students who take part in the competition, if they win, he’ll award them extra marks for STMD. Wow wee… I’m not exactly concerned about the extra marks coz they just come as a bonus. What bothered me was what pic to use to enter.

My home toilet is not named my thinking place for nothing. After spending time in there, bathing and thinking at the same time, I finally decided on a pic to enter. Well, it took me THAT long to decide coz I didn’t want to enter something that was pretty common. Used a few skills that Miss Chia taught us before. To think more…not just the usual.

Anyway, if anyone’s interested to take part, click here. Good luck!

To end off this entry, a piece of good news. Noah’s Ark has resumed “business” in Johor after their lease in Singapore was up. There’s hope once again for more abandoned and hurt animals. Unlike SPCA, Noah’s Ark does not put to sleep any animals due to lack of space.

This does not mean I don’t support SPCA. It’s just that people gotta learn that having a pet is a huge responsibility. This animal relies on you to give it a home, food and tender loving care all its life. Don’t give it hope only to cruelly snatch it back.

And of course, cruelty to animals is evil.

Wallpaper update…it’s Jessica Alba as Honey Daniels. Winamp skin is Ai Takahashi from Morning Musume in the song “Go Girl! Koi no Victory”.

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