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Wahahahaha…*rofl* I was looking at Sis’s cookbooks. Came to one with a title in cursive. Looking upside-down, it looked like “nutritional food”. I quickly glanced up and saw it was a book by “Reader’s Digest”. My slow mind decided to put the 2 set of words together and I went “oh…it’s by Reader’s Digestion!” to my Sis. As soon as those words escaped my lips, I realised my mistake and started laughing so hard that tears formed in my eyes.

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Getting a little frustrated… These days my computer keeps giving me problems. Either it doesn’t start up right so I gotta restart a few times. Or else I can’t install some program coz the program has encountered an error and has to close. Like I need to use Apache for STMD but it refuses to work. Super duper bleargh. Don’t tell me I need to defrag my computer again?

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Had dinner at Mac with Mum. We were looking for a light meal coz ate too much for lunch.

Finally talked to Dad about going pubbing. He said he knew about it coz Sis told him already. Anyway, he was cool about it. Yupz…that’s what I like about Dad. He allows me to make my own decisions. Not saying that he doesn’t worry for me, he does caution me about the dangers but he lets me try things on my own instead of saying no straightaway.

Just saw someone’s quit message in IRC #jpop. “The greatest pain is not to die but to be forgotten and ignored”. I’ll agree with that. Heh.

Woot. Heavy rain now.

I was commenting a few days ago on Raynor’s blog about how I’ve learnt some time ago that most of the time, we do things to please others when it is said that we should do things to please ourselves.

Well, classic example came along in Wan Ping’s blog. I think she was doing badly for cheena all along and she got a B3 in the A’s. Something wonderful right? So, excited her called her mum to tell the good news. Yea…and all her mum said was “oh ok” and then hang up the phone. By the way, her mum expected an A.

Enough said. I don’t think I need to cite anymore examples. And besides, doing things to please ourselves would be deemed as being selfish right?

Cheng Huat decided to unlock his blog and put back his tagboard. For the benefit of all his readers… And the tagboard’s again plagued with those super bo liao people again. Hmmm…I even wonder if it’s just one person.

Anyway, it’s funny how these people waste their time. And none of his friends are posting on the tagboard to defend him. I think they’re all watching the “show”. Laughing at how these people waste their time trying to make Cheng Huat look like a fool when in actual fact, these people are making fools out of themselves.

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