Ame…is “rain” in Japanese. Yupz, it’s been raining all day already.

I guess since half a semester has gone by without much projects, they are taking the opportunity to make up for it in the second half of the semester. ORDS, STMD, ADID, IN3D, HR MGT… Time is running out. Gotta get out of slacker mode.

Rajes had a good surprise for me. Since I skipped HR tutorial last week, I didn’t get to see my term test paper for HR. She told me I got 35/40 which is the highest in the class! *jumps up and down* I couldn’t believe my ears coz it was last minute studying and the last question on On-The-Job Training, I didn’t study that so I just crapped whatever I could.

Mum decided to cook dinner today. And whoa…did she cook a good spread. She tried cooking nestum prawns but it turned out a little too buttery. I love Mum’s cooking simply coz she knows what we like and what we don’t like.

PK has entered the pillow fight pic for the digital photo competition. I suggested she entered that one. So exciting! Ermz Jo…hope you don’t mind. I know you took that photo for us but the digicam’s PK’s… Anyway, to view the pic, click here. *encourages* You guys all go try and take part ok? No harm trying…

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