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The IT fair is back. IT SHOW 2004 at Suntec from 11-14 March. There are 3 things on my mind. A new digicam…since there are problems sharing it with Sis. Plus I still have battery problems. Not sure whether it’s the digicam or the batteries. Anyway, if Mum doesn’t agree on this then I’ll probably save up some money to get one.

Laptop. Hmmm…not exactly a die die must get but still worth giving it a thought.

Thumbdrive. I think my zip drive’s spoilt. And I don’t wanna risk more zip disks getting spoilt. Every new zip disk is $15. I’ve actually thrown away about $45. You do the math. A thumbdrive is also not a die die must get. I’m actually deciding whether to get my zip drive checked, replacing it and then forgetting about getting a thumbdrive.

PK…you bought your digicam at the fair before right? And you were saying that you got a good bargain out of it right?

Anyway, those interested in the fair. Details here. I’m planning to go. Anybody wanna join me?

A certain thought just crossed my mind. Sometimes we act the total opposite to hide what we really feel. I guess it’s a way to give yourself more confidence or it could be plain deceiving yourself.

I realised I was acting in an all crappy manner at home a few days ago. That was coz I was feeling nervous about something. Well, I started acting like a siao char bor. Laughing out loud at all the slightest things. Although I found it weird, I couldn’t stop.

I see the same thing with Sis. Mum was the one who pointed it out to me. When Sis gets stressed or her sanity is hanging on a thin line, she starts acting like a siao char bor too.

Not saying that whenever I act like a siao char bo means I’m nervous or insecure about something. There are times when I simply am just like that.

Anyway, that day when I was acting funny, Desmond was telling us about how there are monkeys near his camp. Then Mum joined in saying that yea…these monkeys even have gangs. I found that very hilarious. And a picture of 2 monkey gangs appeared in my mind. You know how staring incidents are right? So…

Monkey gang 1: *stares at monkey gang 2*
Monkey gang 2 leader: Wah lau. Stare stare for what? See their faces already buay song. Come! Long zong hoot ah!

*and both gangs start fighting*

Typical staring incident.

I skipped HR tutorial this morning. Too sleepy.

I wonder how’s Xianglin and her results. PK…CJ…all the other A’level students. Hope everything goes fine.

Some would laugh. Others would cry. Some or a particular few would jump out of their chair so hard that their watch would fly about a metre away *tsk tsk…Dorothy at O’level results day* *rofl* Anyway, just accept whatever there is. Look and work towards a better future.

God bless.

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