and tell me everything’s gonna be alright

Today can be classified as bad and good at the same time.

Finally had lunch with you guys. Something we haven’t done in a long while. Hey, hope we could be like this in 5 or 10 years down the road. Meet up again for a chat and a cuppa.

Went to watch a movie after school. “Timeline”. Heh…I had no clue what the movie’s about intially. As long as it’s not horror or gory will do. The movie turned out to be not bad. This is the second time I watch a movie without knowing what it is about beforehand.

Halfway through the movie, Nad sms-ed to ask whether I watched “Honey” already. She wanted to watch it. There was 7.10pm and 9.10pm movie slots. 9.10pm would be too late since there’s school tomorrow. Besides, I wasn’t sure what time “Timeline” would end. Well, it ended before 7pm so I thought maybe I could meet Nad and we could watch “Honey”. That’ll be like a movie marathon.

Turns out she’s just leaving her workplace. So by the time she travels back to Tampines, it’ll be too late. Anyway, we just settled for dinner at Swensens. She needed some company to take things off her mind.

While waiting for her to arrive, went walking round the mall. Bought a top from 77th Street. Went to Toys R’ Us. Childhood memories…wish I was a kid all over again. More innocence, less problems. The world is just one happy place to live in. Went to look at my favourite section. The My Little Ponies. *smilez*

Nad arrived. Had dinner. It was nice talking to her. Reminds me of the time at Long John’s *winks* She became a listening ear to my problems. I listened to all she had to say about her workplace. She really went into detail about her workplace. Describing what she does, the funny things that happen. She wasn’t ready to talk about her problems. Hey Nad, anytime yea…

And she treat me to dinner! Thanks! *hugz* Next time’s my turn ok? And thanks for meeting up. Really appreciate it since I had some things on my mind too. So we both needed a breather. 🙂

I’m quiet only for 4 reasons. 1) I really have nothing to say. 2) I don’t know the person/people well. 3) There’s something bothering me. 4) I don’t usually have a lot to say. Most of the time it’s coz people ask me questions.

Tomorrow’s the ORDS mock lab test. Gonna get back my ORDS term test script too. I think I’m gonna flunk it. 🙁

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